Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~~ An Honor To Thank You ~~

It is with profound gratitude we honor you. Today and every day ... Keep all of our brave men and women who are fighting for OUR FREEDOMS in your hearts and prayers every day ... Keep our FREEDOM ringing out, loud & clear!

Served proudly ~ My husband Harold 11 1/2 yrs. USN, my son Emery 4 yrs. USN, my brother Buck USA, my Uncle Bill USA, my dad Don USA, many cousins & nephews, great-uncle USN & uncles USA.

***I asked Lynn Cliburn to help set this up, as she was so impressed with the choral group, & I am not into all this computer jibberish. THANK YOU LYNN, it came out beautifully.***

A MUST TO VIEW ALSO ~ http://connie-livingbeautifully.blogspot.com/

Be sure to turn off my playlist volume before playing this magnificent performance.


  1. Marydon what a lovely post. I praise the men who served. God bless them and you for this wonderful post.

    Have a blessed Wednesday,

  2. Oh Sweet PB,
    I love what you have shared here. It is beautiful. You will not be surprised when you see what I have chosen to share today. (You know they say great minds think alike.)

    I had already built it 2 days ago, so I wanted to display mine that I had built for my family.

    This is beautiful sweetie. I do so love it. I salute you Harold, and Marydon all of your veteran family members.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow. I love you so much. Hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. HI!!!
    I too am so PROUD OF all our Service Men and Women, I too have a list of family members who have served and I'm so Proud of all of them!!!!
    I will be going to the Phoenix Parade to Honor!!!!

  4. God bless our brave men and women who serve our country in war and peace.

  5. A fitting tribute to all our brave warriors past and present.
    I will be flying my flags high.

  6. Hello Marydon, thank you... such a beautiful tribute... I salute all of your family members who have served or are serving... defending our freedom...putting their lives on the line...and all other military families and Veterans as well... love to you... do hope you are feeling better... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Hi Marydon,
    I salute your sweet Harold too and all of our brave military men and women and their families. There are no words that even adequately express my profound respect and gratitude.

    Take care of yourself, sweet friend!

    Hugs and Blessings to you both,

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  8. Amen and amen.
    We are a great country that has needed the support and honor of the people who have fought and protected her.

  9. Beautful post and tribute! Happy Veteran's Day!

  10. I have just been wathching our Remenberance Day service and feel such gratitude for all these wonderful young people who gave and are still giving their lives so that we can feel safer, God Bless them all.
    Love Jillxxxx

  11. This post is great ,Thank you

  12. A wonderful tribute you have here.

  13. Wonderful post. I would like to Thank your family for serving our Country.


  14. Written beautifully!. Hugs and love to all "our" family and friends that have served and are now serving.
    I think we are blessed to know these folks.

  15. Thank for such a beautiful post! The pictures and words are all touching. -Jackie

  16. Marydon, this is a beautiful post...I'm so thankful to the brave men in your family that have served this great, great country! I happened to be at the Veteran's Hospital about 5 months ago, and it broke my heart to see so many disabled men, yet they looked proud and strong...it really touched me. I love this country so very much, as you and Lynn do, I pray constantly for our soldiers who are in enemy territory, and now to know that they are in danger here at home...my heart aches for them.

    Thanks for a beautiful post, and for remembering our Vets. Lynn contacted me and I also posted the National Anthem sung by these wonderful young people who are also proud of our wonderful United States of America!


  17. What a beautiful post - Thank You to you and your family members!!!!!

    Thanks also for coming to visit!!! Have a wonderful afternoon!

    ;-) Robelyn

  18. Sweet post! How grateful I am to live in the USA and grateful for those who protect our country! Love your blog!


  19. Love what you shared. It touch my heart. Thank you for a wonderful, thoughtful post. Blessings, Martha

  20. Hi Marydon! First, thank you for the sweet comments you left me while I was gone, that was so nice of you...: ) I enjoyed your post today what a very nice tribute. I always enjoy your blog..have a great day! Hugs, Jennifer

  21. Happy Veteran's Day America

    I bow to all veterans worldwide. If it wasn't for their unselfishly courageous contribution to protect and defend us, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this blissful day. Thank you darling for posting this special day.

    Love & Hugs

  22. What an amazing choir! They sent shivers down my spine. Thanks for sharing on this special day!

  23. A beautiful and heartfelt post...thank-you. Love the music

  24. Thank you for honoring our men in uniform! Thank you also for your sweet comment, Marydon! :)

  25. The best post I've seen today! You have so many family members to be proud of! God bless them!

  26. ~~Marydon~~Thank you for this Veteran's Day blog message thanking and remembering all Veterans. I love it!
    Come over for a visit soon, when you have time...I've missed you...Hugs, Mary H.

  27. Hello Marydon,
    Wonderful post. My man is Navy also...Vietnam era. So many wonderful posts on Veterans Day, more than last year, that makes me glad. Actually, I have been close to the tissue box. Thank you for your post,,isn't Lynn one fine patriot! Love her.

  28. What a wonderful post, Marydon. There have been a lot of tv programmes about The Great War and Afghanistan and I have watched them all. We owe such a lot.