Saturday, November 14, 2009

~Cleaning For A Reason ~ (Cancer Patients ~ Awesome Article of Giving)

I just read a wonderful article about a fantastic service for cancer patients that I believe to be so warm & giving from the heart. Hopefully you will also enjoy this piece ~ Have a beautiful giving day. TTFN ~ Marydon


Cleaning For A Reason offers four (4) FREE house cleanings to women who are undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. This service has been around for several years, but many women don't know about it.

All that is asked of the woman is that she get a doctor's note stating she is under going cancer treatment.

Cleaning For A Reason is a national organization that uses local housecleaning companies to provide the service. The local companies donate their time, & the client gets a clean house at a time when she may feel least like cleaning it.

It presently only offers this service to women but is thinking about adding men (my opinion ~ yes, this would be nice).

People are afraid it's only for people in a lower economic status but it is available to all women, no matter her income. It's to help a woman in need. After treatment it is nice to come home to a clean house.

More information may be found ~ (It is a non-profit organization)
On this site you may also make contributions to this program. What a wonderful way to give from the heart.


  1. Thanks for this information! I have a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be going through chemo after surgery. I hope they are in the Seattle area. What a great service!!

  2. I love the idea. I volunteer for the Senior Citizens who need help from time to time, and most of them just need help with a little cleaning or shopping. It is so rewarding to help anyone with something they need. Thanks for printing this article. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi MArydon,
    This is such a needed service and I think it is wonderful that this is offered. Oh it must be such a blessing to those who need all their strength to fight this battle. Sometimes having friends and family do it for you, just adds to the stress, but having a service do it would be wonderful.
    I know whenever I've needed extra help, when my son would be in the hospital for different things, I just couldn't make myself ask for the help. We would just wade through things untill all got back to normal.
    I loved hearing about this for cancer patients.

  4. Good Morning My Sweet PB:
    Imagine that? I love it. When you are undergoing chemo, and are ill, and now you can have someone come and do the cleaning to help out. If they came once a month for four months, how wonderful would that be? We always feel so great when we have our housework done, so I think this is awesome. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are feeling better today. I will call you later this afternoon and talk with you to fix your follower status.

    Many hugs and kisses sweetie...Sherry

  5. Marydon,
    sharing this was sooo sweet of you! I didn't know about that. What a blessing for people in need!
    Many thanks for stopping by and for your always kind and nice words to me!
    Have a great Sunday,

  6. Marydon,
    I didn't know you were under going Chemo... I will be praying for you dear one that God will let the chemo kill the bad and do NO damage to the good.
    Blessing over your body ,mind & soul is my prayer for you.
    Wish I could help do house work but my back won't let me hardly do mine so i will just keep on knitting /crocheting chemo hats for people who need. I hope people who can will do this type of help for some one they know going through chemo.

  7. I had no idea this was available. Thank you so much for the information. You are always so kind and considerate of others. Bless you.

  8. What a wonderful blessing that would be, especially when you are feeling ill and have no energy and need a little extra help. Thank you for sharing that. Happy PS.

  9. Thank you for sharing this uplifting service.

  10. What a wonderful service to offer! I work with quite a few cancer patients (in the hospital), and I see first hand how debilitating even the early stages of cancer can be. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  11. That service is wonderful and would help the patients not only physically but emotionally, thinking there are many others who are concerned and are willing to support. Thanks for sharing this.^^


  12. Thank you for sharing this important information for such a wonderful service.

    Blessings, Brook

  13. Hi: Want to let you know Monique is fine and she can still have children if God allows her! Thank you so much for being there for me. I thought I was going to go crazy. Your prayers were so comforting. Blessings to you my dear friend. Martha

  14. Hi Marydon. I am here! I have been so neglectful to all of my blog friends lately. I have so busy with work and then in between, I have been working feverishly in my sewing room getting ready for my upcoming craft shows.

    This is such a wonderful service. God does have his angels.

    Hugs, Sue
    P.S. I will stop by more often!

  15. That is great info,will keep that in mine and pass it along.

  16. Marydon, what a wonderful gift these individuals are doing for others. Holidays are so stressing as it is, and to have cancer on top of that, and have someone come over and take care of you is a wonderful gesture and a relief for these ladies I am sure. Wonderful post.

    God bless,

  17. Marydon, I haven't heard of this service, but it is surely a wonderful thing for people to do for those that are ill. There should be many more services like serve others in need is the core of Christianity. Thank you so much for sharing this information...I do know of a couple of women with cancer...I will be sure to tell them.

    I just noticed that you are "Mimi"...I am too, and love it!

    God bless,

  18. What a really great idea someone came up with. Thanks for sharing!

  19. In case you didn't get my email I am apologizing again here for my misunderstanding about your health.
    Please accept my sincere apology and I am praying for that strep and pneumonia to completely clear up. Both really pull you down. God bless your Sabbath. you are a lovely person and bless others with your kindness .

  20. Marydon, You always have such interesting information. Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful Sunday!

  21. Hi Marydon~~
    How are you feeling? That is a powerful combo..strep and pneumonia, bless your heart! I hope you are feeling better, sweetie!
    This is such an incredible service, I am adding a little button for this to my sidebar. Such a sweet and caring service that would be soooo appreciated for these dear women. I do agree men would need it too!
    Wonderful and thoughtful post, as always....

    Hugs and love,

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~