Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~Mitten Memories of Love ~ & *GIVEAWAY*

Memories You Can Hold In The Palms Of Your Hands!

***Thank you, my friend Coralie, for bringing Kathleen to my attention. This is a wonderful story***

"Over the weekend, I picked up sweaters for "Memory Mitten" orders from persons who had recently lost loved ones...I walked away from each meeting with the "chills." After listening to each of their heartfelt stories, I felt completely overcome with God's hands on my work!"
(Kathleen King, Gladstone, Michigan)
I have never met Kathleen personally but I learned of her labors of love through my son Paul (Coralie's) who with his family has known Kathleen for many years. I was so stirred by her inspiring work that I wanted to share it with all of you!

This is Kathleen's story, in her own words:
"One day while at work, I overheard a co-worker talking about how her mother-in-law was busy making mittens out of old sweaters. My mother and I had just talked about what she should do with a box of my father's sweaters...he had passed away five years earlier and I had suggested she donate them to St. Vincent de Paul...winter was coming and someone in need could use them.

I was in an instant panic! Hopefully my mother still had the sweaters and had not followed my advice! I called her right away and, to my relief, she still had them!

Over the next month, I went on an emotional, heartfelt mitten-making journey. Everyone was coming to my house for Christmas and I was going to give them each a memorable gift of mittens made from our loving father's sweaters. The thought brought tears to my eyes. It would be a gift that I would put my heart into.

On Christmas day after a huge holiday feast and lots of goodies, we sat relaxing by the beautifully lit Christmas tree, music playing in the background and a feeling of contentment of being together. It was the perfect time to retrieve the basket full of wrapped gifts.

They slowly opened their gifts and, although I was tearful, I was also very excited! Tears, laughter, and awe were just some of the emotions I saw around the room. My mom put her mittens on and cupped her face with them—tears in her eyes, yet joy, too. I will never forget that look!

The making of Memory Mittens for my family sparked a passion in me to create custom mittens for others. If I could bring joy to someone else by creating Memory Mittens out of their loved one's sweaters, as I did for my family, what could be better?

I take creating these mittens very seriously. People are entrusting me with a prized possession from someone they have dearly loved. Each pair of mittens is made with tender love and care in hopes of giving them a heart and hand-warming keepsake."

(Please take time to visit Kathleen's Memory Mittens website! You can also click HERE to see more of her completed mittens!)

UPDATE 11/11/09:
Kathleen's website is currently under reconstruction but will be ready for viewing soon. In the meantime, you can contact her directly at email:


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  1. That is a wonderful thing your are doing. Nothing is more rewarding than see a happy child's face. Thank you for sharing such a great way of caring for others.

  2. What a unique and wonderful idea! I will go check out her website.

  3. The Memory Mittens are a great idea!

  4. Marydon what a lovely gesture to pick up the sweaters for this incredible angel Kathleen what a gift the Lord has bless her with. Marydon you are truly a wonderful giving person, how thoughtful of you to tribute this post about a woman who has touched your heart. God bless you I do love how the mittens turn out they are so wonderful.


  5. What a brilliant idea! :) Thank you for sharing it!

  6. How beautiful. I still have several sweaters my mother knit -- she was a fabulous knitter. She has been gone almost 20 years but I know I feel warmer when I wear one of them.

  7. Hi Marydon, Oh this is fantastic and so inspiring. What a wonderful idea and so heartfelt. She is an amazing lady and I loved reading her story.Thank you so much for sharing this today.

    I was thinking about you today and wanted to stop by and see how you are feeling.
    Hope better!

    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. I loved hearing this story. It is just super, just the sweetest thing! Thanks for taking time to share this with us. :-)

  9. Hi Marydon,
    What a wonderful story. Kathleen's mittens are all so lovely. Even lovelier that she is creating keepsakes.

  10. Hi Marydon,

    That is an amazing story! I love it! What a wonderful way to keep memories alive. What a sweet labor of love.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site & for the kind comments.


  11. This is truly the most precious story of the Season. God used this sweet woman in such a mighty way.

    We all have a calling. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

    Lovely Post, MD. I expect nothing less from you.

    You are a blessing to me.

    Love, Rebecca

  12. What a great idea, they are so nice looking too. Really sweet story. I will have to go visit Kathleen.

  13. My dear dear Marydon!!! Thank you so much for reposting this story of Kathleen King's ministry with her memory mittens!

    Her website is under reconstruction right now but I will let you know as soon as it is available again. In the meantime, people can contact her at her email:

    Have a blessed day my dear and thanks again so much! Coralie

  14. Those are lovely! I used to sew, do plastic canvas and crochet all the time. I admire excellent work like that very much. :)

  15. absolutely brilliant idea! Will check out her website.

  16. Good Morning Sweet PB:
    Mittens and Snowflakes, what can I say, "Great minds think alike." I love this beautiful story of Kathleen. What a wonderful thing she does. I am going to visit her site.

    You sharing her story does not surprise me. You have a heart as BIG as Texas, and couldn't be a more genuine person for anyone to meet. You crown will be filled with jewels someday my sweet, as you are a jewel to behold.

    Hope you are feeling better this morning. You still sounded bad on the phone yesterday. I love you sweetie. Have a beautiful day. Many, many hugs and kisses, Cherry Jelly

  17. Hello Marydon, do hope you are feeling much better... what a beautiful post and inspiring lady! I have many of my mama's and daddy's clothes, that would be so very special... sometimes I will put on my mama's favorite old sweater, buttons missing and all, and I swear I can smell her Shalimar perfume... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. oh my gosh what a sweet story and great thing....thank you for sharing...

  19. I will check out the website...lovely idea!

  20. Hello Marydon , this is a wonderful Idea , I must remember--cottonreel

  21. What a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing this person and her wonderful gift to others.

  22. Kathleen "Memory Mittens inc"November 12, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    I want to personally thank you for posting my story!! I am sitting here w/ tears in my eyes reading all the beautiful comments people are leaving on you're site. God Bless you & Coralie and all you WONDERFUL women!! My work is heartfelt for certain;I am meeting such terrific people;I wasn't prepared for the out-pouring of love & support for my work..I truly am touched beyond words! Kathleen
    "Memory Mittens Inc."

  23. What a wonderful thing to do...I'm sure they are sooo treasured. When my dad died I saved one of his well worn Pendleton shirts. He wore them alll of the time. I always knew I'd do something special with it. When my grandson was born I made his Christmas stocking out of it..I bought one of those little organza bags and put lots of tokens inside....with a little scroll telling him what each one signified and what I was hoping for him for his life. My daughter cries every year when she gets it out...I still have a bit of the shirt...and haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet.

    Thanks for sharing this's soooo special.

    Big, bug huggies,

  24. That is wonderful. My mom is taking my grandpa's shirts and making something for us from them. (I just can't remember what it is right now.)

  25. This is the best idea I have ever heard. I am going to ask my Mom if she has any of my Dad's sweater. It would be so wonderful to have them made into mittens. Bless you, Martha

  26. This is a fabulous story! I wonder if she realizes how much that must touch people's lives? We all should be so blessed to find such a way....

  27. Blushing Rose! You might want to come over to my blog, you've won something!!

  28. What a heartwarming story, it brought tears to my eyes. It's such a creative way to reuse old sweaters too. I love a good set of mittens, they keep your hands warmer than gloves. I saw you won a giveaway from my Cousin B, good for you! I'm sure they will certainly take a place of honor in your home, lol! My Mom still has one bottle unopened since last summer. I think she had to drink one in an emergency!

  29. Oh Marydon..this is just so dear. What a wonderful idea and like so many that have read this, here I am with tear filled eyes.
    Thank you sweet friend for sharing Kathleen and this loving story with us.
    Can't wait to see her site when it is up and running:)

    Hope you are feeling better today..

    Hugs and blessings,

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  30. Marydon I always love stopping over here for a visit. What a lovely idea and how wonderful of you to share it with all of your readers.
    I hope your doing well and thanks again for this post
    I too will have to look for her site

  31. Oh my gosh...that is wonderful..
    I have an old cradigan of my Mum's that I've had for 13 yrs, Just could not bring myself to wear it or give it away...the mittens is a great way for me to do something with it!
    thank you!
    Julia ♥

  32. Kathleen's story has brought tears to my eyes just reading about the most beautiful heartfelt gifts she made from her fathers sweaters, how precious, and then to go on and do the same thing for others. Beautiful story :)

  33. What a fabulous story, Marydon. I am amazed that she thought of it, I'm sure I wouldn't have. I will go to her website when it has been updated. Thank you for posting Kathleen's story.

  34. what a wonderful story and a great idea!