Friday, November 13, 2009

~Japanese Antique Feedsack Shop ~ TRIPLE GIVEAWAY & Trivia

Our dear friend, Mii, is the Japanese lady that I featured re the Relay for Life for Cancer Survivors last month. Mii is a survivor. She is very precious to us. Here is her shop that some of you requested viewing. TY Mii for sharing with us.

*** GIVEAWAY ***
Visit our November 10 post for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY. Drawing on Nov. 16.
Kathleen "Memory Mittens inc" said...(Please visit her, info in yesterday's post)

Marydon ~
I want to personally thank you for posting my story!! I am sitting here w/ tears in my eyes reading all the beautiful comments people are leaving on you're site. God Bless you & Coralie and all you WONDERFUL women!! My work is heartfelt for certain;I am meeting such terrific people;I wasn't prepared for the out-pouring of love & support for my work..I truly am touched beyond words!

"Memory Mittens Inc."

** VISIT these lovely ladies for your Christmas & holiday gifts, they have wonderful creations **

Celestina Marie ~

Rebecca ~

Gail ~

VOTE FOR ~ REBECCA @ Divine Caroline (link below) if you haven't yet, contest nearing end.

Our friend Jodie is (1) of (10) vintage barns nominated for restoration by the Campbell Soup company & raising money for FFA, a very worthy cause ... please VOTE @ link below ~

NOTE ~~~~~
TY for your sweet notes & well wishes. I am having a really rough time with this getting well & am still pretty sick going back in for more meds. I'll be back up in full swing as soon as I can. Sorry. TTFN ~Marydon


  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend...
    What a lovely post this morning. Miis shop is very beautiful and she is just lovely. Thank you for sharing with us today.

    Kathleens comment was very heart warming. She is just precious.

    I will go to the sites you have listed and vote.

    Please get better soon. I so worry about you. I have been saying prayers for you, so it is time to go back and see the Dr. again. He needs to give you something else. This is not working. I could hear the heaviness in your voice the other day. It so worried me. Many hugs and kisses, Much Love, Sherry/Cherry Jelly

  2. Wonderful pics of her place. I will say a prayer for you to get better real soon.


  3. Dear One, are you suffering from the remains of the Swine Flu? I'm sorry but I don't remember exactly how you started being sick. But I certainly hope you'll mend completely and soon.

    And meantime, please concentrate only on self-TLC. Our bodies need a lot of rest, to get over sickness, and to recoup. Please don't worry about blogging, if it is keeping you from needed rest.

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  4. Her store is beautiful. I'll be praying for her.

  5. Marydon,

    I am so sorry to see you haven't been feeling well. I hope the new meds help you and your are back to feeling like your self quickly.:)
    Miis shop is beautiful I had son living in Japan for 2 years and also hosted 5 exchange students, all girls from Japan. They brought wonderful gifts from Japan to us.
    Her story touched my heart. My sister passed away 6 years ago of cancer and I love to hear the success stories of these courageous fighters. May God continue to bless her and sustain her.
    I am saying a little prayer for you too!

  6. Hi Marydon, I hope you are feeling better real soon! drink plenty of tea and get lots of rest.....What a beautiful shop mii has and I like hearing about people that have survived cancer it's such an aweful disease and, I just wish and pray that there will be a cure one day so no one has to suffer from it again. ...I love reading your posts. I wish I could quilt, I never learned but I have seen shows and such and the more I see the more I want that sewing bug!!! you are such an uplifting and loving friend! Hugs, Jennifer!! : )

  7. I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I say go to bed and stay there for a while! Make your Hubbie wait on you for a bit! I have entered your fabulous drawing fir this week, thanks for the reminder!

  8. Sweet Marydon.....
    May you get well & be back to yourself again!!

  9. Hello Marydon... how sweet of you to always be thinking of others... all of these links are wonderful... please take care of YOU too though and get better soon! xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Dear Marydon, Take good care of yourself. You are precious to us!Thanks for the great post.

  11. Marydon I do hope you are feeling better. I did not know you were sick. I have been away from my blog for awhile working on my second book. My first one is now out "Beauty Shop Burnout" through publishamerica. I've updated my blog and hope you will check it out. I will keep in touch with you better. God bless you and have a happy turkey day. Love Myrna Rae "Life with Myrna Rae"

  12. Marydon, you are so very kind and always sharing. Lovely shop of Mii and hope she is recovered from cancer. You have always be mine mentor to come back and read your caring posts. Thank you so much. I love you - Natima

  13. Feel better soon Marydon...I hope and pray that it is not the flu...Bless you, Sharon

  14. Hi again Marydon, you surprised me. I thought some guy calls Herold was writing to me (I hope!) LOL!!! You are well come, it was all true.
    I am in tears many times when I read your kind posts to the blog communities. If they put all bloggers up to vote in kind and caring, you
    will come top. You will get my vote Marydon. You keep the blogger communities going around very smoothly. I see you everywhere cheering the bloggers on with their
    works and specially the new ones that need help. Good on you and I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that, I appreciate what you do.
    Keep that Harold happy coz if you don't I will LOL!!!
    Big hugs Natima

  15. Oh Marydon, it is time you were better. If those antibiotics don't work soon, you must go back to the doctor. Lovely post. Gina xxxx

  16. Marydon,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. I would not wish that kind of gired on anyone, it is much to bear.
    I tried to send you an e-mail today but it keeps bouncing back to me...if you need to you can get me at jmwe4(at)yahoo(dot)com.
    Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger, take care of yourself my sweet bloggy friend...jj

  17. Dear friend, I didn't realize you were feeling ill. I'm so so sorry! I hope the new meds help you feel better soon! And still you find time to help others! Kathleen is so grateful for your help with her Memory Mitten Ministry and it's great that her website is now up and running! Mii's feedsack shop is wondrous! Thanks for all you do and share...have a restful weekend! Hugs, Coralie

  18. Thanks for sharing such sweet stories. Have a great day!

  19. Hi Marydon, thanks for coming by. These colds seem to hang on forever these days don't they? Hope you get better soon.

    You always find the most inspiring stories. There are a lot of careing, compassionate people if you only look hard enough.