Friday, November 6, 2009

~ Autumn Travels #2 ~ *** GIVEAWAY ***

These are a few pictures of our little tiny town nestled over a railroad tunnel. At one time it bustled, an active train station(pic. 6) is now local businesses & the hotel & grocery store are restaurants, shops, etc.

A couple years ago our town was horribly hit by another fire ... this time the fire took out 2 beautiful old buildings that just reopened a few months ago (pic. 3).

Pic.. 9 is the house that is supposedly haunted ... it is a lovely home but when we were offered to view it when housing haunting, oops! hunting ... I passed.

We are about 20 miles east of Frederick & 25+ miles west of Baltimore. We live 2.0 miles (TG no further) outside of the city. It is a growing community that is rampant in building homes & new businesses. Old saying ...... when the grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stores & restaurants start coming in ... we are going to be BIG.

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  1. Beautiful photos...lovely town. I hope it remains pristine! Lucky U.


  2. Lovely photos of a beautiful town!! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  3. What a delightful place to live! Hope it stays that way. Enjoy the coming weekend! Carol

  4. Beautiful autumn colors. You live in a lovely place.

  5. What a lovely place to live. Just seeing the pictures of such a typical looking american town makes me soooo homesick for the states! I love it when everyone posts picturs of their home towns, it gives me a chance to see "home" (the states) right from my chair, and feel for just a short moment that I am there. If you are not far from Baltimore, then you live near my sister who is down that way. My oldest sister recently went to Baltimore Harbor for the weekend to celebrate her and her husband's 40th wedding anniversary and she loved it there. She talked so much about it that she made me wish I could hop on the plane and head right on over there myself. This post has had the same effect on me!! Thanks for sharing. hugs, Debby

  6. The colors in these photos are wonderful! Happy Friday! LuLu~*xoxo

  7. I love the tour. What a nice looking town. I love old towns and old building. I can just imagine all the hustle and bustle as it was in days when it was new. So quaint. Have a great weekend. Becca

  8. So nice to see different parts of the country, especially in the fall of the year. Blessings to you this weekend.

  9. small town living is the way to go. If you have a large place to shop not to far away.

  10. It looks like a beautiful little town. I think I would be torn on whether or not I wanted the "big city" moving my way. It looses some of it's charm when Wal Mart moves in! Pretty pictures, I like the haunted house!

  11. The photos are just lovely! I love fall pics!

  12. Marydon, I have to stop by and say that I haven't forgotten about you. Things out my way are just crazy, busy. I have lot's going on but it is all good. You know that I love your fall pictures. I can see myself there!
    Hugs, Sue

  13. Thanks for sharing all these pretty fall pictures and the story behind your town. The fall leaves are gorgeous!

  14. What a beautiful place to live! God has blessed us with wonderful scenery and with the knowledge to build gorgeous buildings.

  15. Very nice photos.
    Thanks too for following me on my blog.
    I have signed up on yours and will be back often.
    I love all of your thoughts and wise words.

  16. One more thing, I just looked at your comment on my blog and wanted to respond. Thanks for asking about my son. He has had a resection surgery and had a two year serious flare-up.
    He still has complications and the docs have to be careful about his meds because he has had cancer. The kid has it pretty rough at times.
    I'm sure you know since you are suffering with the same disease. I hope that your is under control.
    God Bless You for caring.

  17. I love the fall colors. It's too bad that those leaves won't stay on the trees longer. Our fall colors are almost gone already. And raking isn't all that fun!

  18. Hi Sweet PB!
    I so love this post. On the road again...I can't wait to get on the road again...I love it when you travel, because I get to go along too.

    Just love it. I mailed you a box today. You should have it by the first of the week I think. I hope you love it as much I did putting it together for you. I know you love surprises.

    Talk to you tomorrow. I love you, Cherry Jelly

  19. What a wonderful and sweet town you live in, happy trails to you.....

  20. Hi Marydon,

    Happy autumn! I enjoyed your pictures here...

    Jenny Malaysia:D

  21. Good Morning Marydon,
    My son is 34years old and was diagnosed with cancer at 21. The Crohns was diagnosed 2 years ago.
    He is currently on entocort, which has helped some. His mental attitude is often the problem, caused by worry and fear.
    He's had it rough, much like you.
    I admire people like you who take on life's challenges with gusto. You are a beautiful person and your blog is inspiring.