Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shabby Cottage ~ Gail's Home Tour Part 3

We have shared Part 1 & Part 2 this past week of Gail's breathtaking creations & studio ... chandeliers, lighting, sun catchers, sconces, lamps & lampshades ... & 'tick tock' elegant clocks.

Gail's home reflects her warm bubbly personality that welcomes you ... let's take a peek.

Gail loves the beach-y accenting her cottage chic home. This is reflected in her color choices, elegance & serene decor. When you enter her foyer you are awe struck with the bright crisp warm inviting colors & home setting. WOW! is your first reaction, second reaction is 'I can hardly take it all in' ... you just want to stand & absorb every inch of each room.

The little tiny touches Gail gives her home make you want to just sit, relax & enjoy.

The blues & cottage shades make her pinks & whites SPARKLE! Her hickory floors add rich elegance! The white island & stove hood make the dark wood cabinets POP! The chandeliers in each room give a GLOW!

Oops! I think we got a 'glimpse' of Harold ... chuckle! Hi, honey!

Now you can see where all the beauty of Gail's creations come from ... & her home reflects the inspiration she brings to each new design.

(If you haven't seen the previous 2 posts, you do need to pop in to view ... )

Thank you, Gail, for a wonderful visit ... you are the hostess with the mostest, your friendship was welcomed in person to cherish forever.

Gail may be found on etsy ~ ~ ID shabbycottageshoppe
On she is ~ shabby*cottage*shoppe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~TICK TOCK .. Shabby Cottage Shoppe Part 2 ~

~ Shabby Cottage Shoppe ~

This is the 'tick tock' clock studio of Gail's shoppe. These vintage/older clocks are all refurbished or in actual working order when she receives them. To give each an individual personality, Gail adds touches of 'bling' that creates chic elegance ... bringing them to 'life'.

Can't you just picture one of these little darlings on your bed side table, accenting your personal treasures. I picture them on your dresser ... beside a family picture, stately poised on a doily where your vintage pearls rest ... or nestled amongst your feminine lovelies on your dressing table. Every mantle begs for a mantle clock, dressed so regally in her new 'bling' to add that special sparkle amongst your treasures & decor.

Visit the previous post to see all of Gail's elegantly created chandelier & lighting beauties. You may also visit our April 23, 2009, post to view a few of the chandeliers Gail custom designed for our kitchen.

In a couple of days we will tour Gail's home so you may enjoy her cottage chic beach decor. It is wonderful, soothing, relaxing & oh so elegant.

Gail may be found on etsy ~ ~ ID shabbycottageshoppe
On she is ~ shabby*cottage*shoppe

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~Shabby Cottage Shoppe Studio Creations~

Gail Barnes I have known for years thru all my chandelier purchases for our home. (You may view them in our May posts, I believe). We met on ebay. Soooo, it was time to head down thru WV, & meet Gail personally & view her studio. (You've already read about our visit with Dixie this same week).

The next post will be Gail's fabulous vintage/old clock re-creations. You won't believe what she can do! The trip was gorgeous, which we will post more of, over the next week.

I asked Gail to describe her creations/designs ~

I have always loved to create, I even loved watching those cheesy crafting shows on PBS when I was a kid. I do spend a lot of time trying new ideas & have created a few signature items like my pink tole rose lighting & pink sugar light bulbs. (Marydon interjects ~I have these in all kinds of colors & they are MARVELOUS!). I redesign & refurbish old chandeliers, lamps & sconces ... I also make new ones with new & vintage lamp parts. I paint & add crystals to vintage wall pockets & other items to give them a chic updated cottage look.

Suffice to say, Gail is a brilliant designer. Her suncatchers dazzle, the chandeliers are awesome, the studio twinkles from the shimmering lighting creations. The lampshades are delicately touched with ribbons, beads, lace & trims that add that special delicious finishing touch.

Gail custom creates for special order requests, also.

Wait until you see her home I will post soon ... cottage beachy elegance.

Gail may be found on etsy ~ ~ ID shabbycottageshoppe
On she is ~ shabby*cottage*shoppe

I do hope you will pop over & visit Gail. She is a wonderful woman, a darling to work with, a fantastic hostess.

THANK YOU Gail for your allowing us to invade your home & shop. We had a delightful time, it was super getting to know you first hand ... & a friendship continues to grow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

~~ Feedsack Heaven * Lollipop, Lollipop, Ohhhh, Lollipop~~

I have NEVER had the Lollipop feedsack before & I got (2)!!! I am a 'sucker!!' for these little beauties. Oh, joy!! These are just a few of the novelty feedsacks that we acquired. I was in heaven ........... There is a wide range of 1930s to 1950s era.

We traveled last week to WV as you may recall from our Dixie-'land' fun visit posts. Of course, going & coming we had to 'antique' & search for these gorgeous fabrics. We acquired about 75 & were tickled with each. When we returned home we hit a mother-load when our mail was delivered & also a friend had purchased several ... 250+ in total.

And, then I got sick ... been a long week in bed but Dr. fixed me up with more new antibiotics today & I'll live ... TY for your wonderful notes, they were truly appreciated.

Please remember to continue to pray for all those that we know & do not know ... every word is heard. Thank you.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~ Prayers For Mike In Bad Accident ~

There are so many out there in blogland that are going thru some dark times in their lives or have family members that are suffering terribly. Please pray for them ... He can work miracles & St. Jude is always great at interceding for us. I ask this thru Jesus ... touch them with your healing hands.

Christy's brother Mike has been in a serious accident & has critical injuries. Pop over & visit Christy @

Please remember Amy @

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~W. VA. Reply From Dixie-'land' To My Post~

** This apropo picture is from our W. Va. trip (Dixie-'land' GOTCHA) in yesterday's post ... today Dixie canned 34 qts. of tomato juice ... so this is Dixie's reply that she wanted posted ... here ya go, Dixie ** ( we shall see who has a tear in their ya...Dix)

(No, this isn't her home, trust me! but it was one of many more you will see as we travelled, it tickled me with those little 'maters all lined up ... where else would you see this.)

Hey Marydon: Remember me? I'm Dixie (wvrags~W. VA.) from Wild Wonderful West Virginia.

This is for you love ~

The red roses have opened completely and the edges have started to turn and wilt.........."But not our friendship"

The daisies have lost some petals...."But not our caring"

The carnations are standing tall on their own with wonderful color "with love to a special someone that went out of her way to .....make my day"

The beautiful rose bow will be saved for a special memory of Marydon Ford

May our friendship grow more and more each day. You can call our home...yours.....anytime you need a place to lay your weary head.


LOVE TO YOU AND HAROLD............Dixie

PS Oh, that is just 'happy liquid' in my eyes ... you are TOO much, Dixie. TY for the lovely words, I know they are from your heart to mine ... love you, too. Hugs, Marydon