Friday, November 20, 2009

~ Tidbits & Trivia *** FOUR GIVEAWAYS ~

I cannot leave a post for any of you today, I cannot edit, I cannot post pictures, I have no functions on the posting page such as color, fonts, adding pictures, etc. If I want to leave a comment it asks for word verification, with no word no verify with ... OY! it is a mess ... Sorry all, as I am trying to write you ... have a wonderful day. It also dumped part of my post just now ...

Enjoy these tidbits of trivia...

Dick Smothers is 71 today ... remember that dry humor of 'Mother liked you best'


1947 Princess Elizabeth (now queen) married Philip Mountbatten ... & the world was enthralled with the movie that came out of their wedding. Gosh! the lines at our theatre were sooooo long to get in to view

RULES ARE SIMPLE & THE SAME ~ Drawing Nov. 23rd
1 ~ All who ENTERED GIVEAWAY #1 & #2 will be re-entered automatically into NEW GIVEAWAY #3 drawing

2 ~ ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY #3, by leaving a comment on THIS POST ONLY & you will be entered AGAIN

3 ~ State which giveaway you would prefer ... #1, #2, #3, #4 (#s in front of each giveaway)

Spread the word ... ~~~ GRAND PRIZE ~~~ in December we will be having one huge GIVEAWAY celebrating all you wonderful new friends & in celebration of Christmas


  1. Hi Marydon, I love the Smothers Brothers! We always watched their show... about your blog, I am sure you have tried "refresh"? Maybe turning off your computer and restarting it? I am no expert for sure, I just mess around until something works by some fluke! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I loved Mother Knows Best.
    If I have to pick a giveaway it would be #1, but then I'm here to have fun so you can select too!


  3. Morning Marydon!
    Wow... Remember the Smother's Brothers Show was so risque for the times. They got sensored easily. It was a hoot!! I only wish TV was that innocent now....
    I was born in 1951 but I love to read about the British Royal History & have read a lot about them!!
    Have a Peaceful Weekend!

  4. Wish we had good shows like that now. Pop over and see my Tote Parcel post. My bookcase bunny now has a family. Thank you Marydon.

  5. great trivia! Thanks for the fun facts. I would love giveaway #4 because I have a dear friend who collects Wedgewood. She is an excellent gift giver and I would love to be able to give her something I know she'd love.

  6. Hope you can get it fixed soon Marydon, I can "hear" the frustation in your post!


  7. I loved the Smothers Brothers show. They were hilarious. I like #1 if I had to choose. All of them are nice.

  8. I liked watching the Smothers Brothers as a kid. Seems like forever ago. I'm going to choose #1 although the wedgewood is calling my name. I get my mother's set (that exact same pattern) when she dies....not that I'm looking forward to that...

  9. I remember the Smothers Bros. Well, a little. Sorry you are having problems. Hope that soon you are all fixed up and ready to go!

  10. I loved the Smothers Brothers, it was a lifetime ago and I was a teen. SIGH! Hope you get the kinks worked out of your post page. I would pick givaway #1.

    Have the best weekend fill with many blessings and the time to enjoy them!!!

    God bless you sweet lady! :o)

  11. Seems like yesterday the brothers were entertaining us with their own show...time flies.

    I still love #1 the best. Tea is my thing...I'm a real tea bagger. :)

    oxo Judy

  12. # 1 seems popular - I'll leave it up to you!!! Tom Smothers was always my fav - but Dick is cute too!!!:>) Boy- are we dating ourselves, or what!!!!!

  13. HI!!!!
    I can leave a comment!!!!
    I'm glad the Princess married her Prince!!!!

  14. I read a biography that old about this day, it must have been fascinating. Can you imagine the pressure? I think I'd much prefer a small ceremony! I hope you have a terrific weekend!

  15. Yikes! Computer to ruin a girl's good day in a hurry! Hope all gets fixed soon! Hugs, Coralie

  16. I use to love the Smother parents I remember always watched it weekly.
    The Queen.......when I was growing up we always sang 'God Save The Queen' in Canada in schools, but now they have forbidden it. Which is a shame. Have a great weekend.

  17. Smother Brothers, gosh I remember watching them...... long time ago!!!!
    Margaret B

  18. love reading the quotes on the sidebar...

  19. Hi Marydon, Just wanted to come over and say hello and look at your usual beautiful post. Have a great day.

  20. The Smother Brothers, I forgot all about them! Thanks for the fun post! I love #1.