Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ Pigs, Powder Room, Plants ~

When Joshua was preparing to enter this world 'pigs' became our theme for his room. Daughter likes HD motorcycles (runs in the family for generations) so we HAD to have a pig to fly for Joshua.

Please come in for a wee visit ... maybe a spot tea? or have a biscuit? or just a chat?

Oops! I forgot to point out the sunflowers that are our mystery plantings ... probably a squirrel or bird. Don't you just love these beautiful ladies bowing heads at evening ... almost reverent.

I would like to show you my vibrant floral powder room, now that it is all done. Some of my silhouette collections adorn the colorful floral walls. I love the lace curtains ...

As you leave take a little peek at the flower gardens by the porch ... they are so full & lush, & will not be here much longer.

Have a beautiful day... we enjoyed your visits yesterday & today.


  1. Very nice. Powder room nicely done. I do like the sunflowers. But that pig is super. Oh, yes, SuperPig can leap tall buildings ...


  2. Your powder room is gorgeous, and how lucky you are that your gardens are still so beautiful! Love the sunflowers! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Hello, Marydon,
    I love everything about your powder room, the wallpaper, lace curtains, and sweet, sweet pictures. Your flowers are so vibrant and pretty. Vicki

  4. Your powder room is so pretty, I love everything about it and the gardens are just gorgeous...what a nice visit I had...hugs, Linda

  5. I've had a white bathroom forever, but looking at your pretty powder room makes me want to start looking at wallpaper tonight.

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous! What a pretty powder room too. It matches the flowers outside!

  7. HI!!!
    Oh my, your powder room is glorious looking!!! I love silhoutes!!!And that yard of yours is so very green and colorful!!! I love it!!!!
    You must live in the midwest somewhere!!!
    Just so pretty!!

  8. I just love your flowers..
    I let some "planted" sunflowers go too, and they were such a sunny addition to the veg. patch-I thank the little chipmunk who planted them every day.

  9. Oh Peanut Butter,
    Everything is just so absolutely gorgeous. I love the pig on top. Ofcourse you know I would love him. Oink!Oink! The powder room is just devine. I love the flowers. I am afraid I would be spending a lot more time there if it were me. It is so beautiful and the roses are so peaceful. What a pleasant place to soak in the tub for sure. Just love it all. Your gardens are so beautiful. I could walk around for hours just looking, and yes the sunflowers are the best. They each have a story to tell. I so love the little stone borders. They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing my visit home. I so love it. One of these days I am going to ring that bell. I love you Peanut Butter, Always Cherry Jelly

  10. What a beautiful powder room, and those gardens!!! OH MY. I'm packing my bags and moving in NOW.


  11. Your powder room is like walking into a rose garden! I love it! Your flower beds are gorgeous too!

  12. The pig is so cute! I love your powder room. It is so feminine! My mother had a powder room and I loved just being in it. It will be sad when the flowers are gone, for sure:(

  13. Everything looks so inviting and colorful. I'm on my way!!!

  14. Oh, oh, oh...cottage garden roses all stunningly beautiful in your lovely powder room! Gorgeous wallpaper and trims all around! My favorite picture is the little girl and bluebird but you know how partial I am to bluebirds! Love 'em all. (And that pig weathervane is just too cute!) Your garden of goodness tells it all...a wonderful place to visit where friendship awaits! So endearing!

  15. Hey sweety, you left a comment and said did I click on the link, I wasn't sure what you meant, is something showing up wrong on my blog? Please let me know when you get a second.


  16. What a lovely post Marydon.
    I love pigs too and just love your pig weather vane and your beautiful garden and powder room.

    Have a lovely day

  17. What a gorgeous and abundant garden! Mine sure doesn't look that good!

  18. Such lovliness inside & outside of your home! I love the wallpaper in your powder room & your flowers are so pretty!

  19. I love pigs, I have pigs in my kitchen. Not so much into collecting them as what I used to be but still love those and vintage pictures. Especially chilren. My dh sighs heavily when I see one I want. I guess he doesn't think it's manly
    Have a great weekend!

  20. beautiful gardens! those sunflowers are gorgeous!