Friday, September 4, 2009

~ Almost Heaven!! ... West Virginia ~

Rebecca, this first picture is for you! ... not a common site but they are around ... & yes, we've actually had to 'pleasure' this place! Chuckle.

Old structure along side the road that speaks history of years gone by.

A gorgeous misty morn surrounding the hills & barn built on a stilt footing.

The next 2 pics are of a historical machinery place along side a river, the old structure was interesting ... there was a wee bridge to cross from the road to walk down to. Really a pretty setting.

One morn we happened upon one of my two favorite wildlife animals, just standing in a front yard ... she watched me, I watched her. She never flinched.

The old sanitorium remains ... it was apparently one of the largest. It is in rubble now.

A unique tree, obviously damaged along the way ... loved the growth structure.

And, a peaceful babbling brook ... one of a ba-zillion as you meander thru God's country.

We always take the back roads, avoiding freeways whenever possible, to get the real joy of viewing the 'real' land ... so as not to miss the beauty of this earth.

(For more on our trip, read last week's posts as well)

~~ May you all have a safe & blessed holiday weekend. ~~


SPECIAL REQUEST, please pray for my DHs brother who was operated on last night ... serious operation.


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  1. Good Morning...

    I am enjoying your tour of WV. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  2. That third picture looks like my back yard minus the barn and I have my very own outhouse, too! It's all clean though and we use it as the pool supplies house. ☺

  3. Soo beautiful, to see soo much luch, and green is amazing.. We sure haven't had any rain here in months and months... Thanks for the tour.. Have a blessed Labor Day week-end !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  4. I just love to spot the deer when we are out driving.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Enjoyed your great photos, lovely !
    Praying for your special request.
    ~ You also have a safe and blessed weekend !

  7. Hello Marydon... yes, I was right on with the title of your post today! It does look like "Almost Heaven"... (love that old John Denver song!) The deer of course is my favorite, but everything looks so beautiful! We always take the back roads too...people who don't miss out on sooo much! I will say a special prayer for you and your family... Bisous... Julie Marie

  8. Beautiful. Love the babbling brook. Praying with you, andrea

  9. What an amazing place!
    It sure looks like almost PARADISE!Lol
    Such a big difference, from England countryside.
    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your sweet comment, also!


  10. Everything looks so green still. Things around here have turned brown. It still looks like spring in your pictures. Keep the pictures coming! I'll say a little prayer for your family too.

  11. HI!!!
    The pics are beautiful, loved the one with the sunlight rays coming through!!!!
    West Virginia in the fall oh must be amazing!!!!

  12. I would gladly WAIT before visiting that top picture my friend... *SNICKER*

    The pics are indeed lovely...I've never BEEEEEEN to West Virginia...I'm missing so much!


  13. I so enjoyed the pictures. Your feedsack side notes sparked some wonderful memories of my Granny who made this Ozarks farm chick many flour and sugar sack dresses. Cute dresses too. Now I pay through the nose for the same look for my granddaughters. Who knew?? I enjoyed my trip through your blog. Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

  14. Great WV pics, Marydon! And I surely agree that the back roads are the only way to travel through our great country! Jim and I, whenever possible, take the less traveled highways and by-ways and enjoy the scenic tours of life along the pathways leading to tiny towns with rivers running through them. I often write on my blog that we are going antiquing but what that means is that, along the way, we will taking our time and experiencing the day in living color!

  15. Beautiful photos, especially the one with the deer, and the bridge image. Hope your brother-in-law recovers quickly from his surgery.

  16. Beautiful pics! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  17. Already voted for Rebecca some days back from her own blog. Nice of you to promote for her though.
    She is a dear, sweet lady, for sure.

  18. Hi Marydon, I grew up in the southwest corner of Virginia---so I lived quite close to West Virginia. You have some beautiful pictures of a beautiful state.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  19. Used the little house many a time! It's 200 yards too close in the summer and 200 yards to far in the winter -smile-.

  20. Beautiful pics! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
    Nice to see WV..
    Julia ♥

  21. Great pictures! Praying for your BIL. Have a great holiday weekend. Winona

  22. I've never been there. But it sounds like beautiful country!

  23. Darling have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  24. Love back roads! Don't know why we always have to be in a hurry. Life is about the journey. Enjoy yourselves!

  25. I'm from Tennessee/Virginia line and the first picture is not foreign to me - lived in a house without a bathroom when I was a little girl. Proud to say I have a lovely 2-1/2 bath home now though!

  26. Hi; I just discovered your blog. I love all the pictures; I was born in West by God Virginia and lived there till a teenager. People can make all the fun they want but it is one of the most gorgeous states in the country. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  27. Marydon, thanks for sharing the pretty pictures. I will add your BIL to my prayer list. Take care and God Bless!


  28. Hello, Marydon,
    I continue to enjoy your beautiful pictures of West Virginia. The third picture taken in the mist is wonderful. The old sanitorium has some beautiful architecture. I will remember your husband's brother in my prayers. Have a good holiday weekend. Vicki

  29. I'm loving all the pictures of your trip...what beautiful country you saw.
    Have a happy holiday weekend...hugs, Linda

  30. Very nice pictures of your trip! My son would love to 'use' the first picture! Enjoy your day!

  31. Beautiful scenery, a site to behold :)
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  32. Hi Marydon, your pictures are great. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.

    Blessings, Barb :-)

  33. Hi,
    The pictures are so charming!

    I wish all the best and a speedy recovery for your Husband's Brother...

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I just put up a new post...
    Have a great weekend,

  34. You are showig pictures of my home state. Brad Paisley the number 1 super super country star is from Glen Dale WV..
    Right next door to Moundsvile WV Hope you went to see the
    New River Gorge Bridge
    and Blackwater Falls.
    Pamela in Michigan

  35. Your pics are so familiar. I live in WV and you can see many different things traveling the back roads.


  36. Beautiful pics Marydon. Thanks for visiting my Maine pics! Hoping for a quick recovery for your brother-in-law.

  37. Love the photos! Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying my horses. I think that's so fabulous that you had a blessing today in a horse coming to you out of the herd with a "flagged" tail. I too, never grow old of hearing or seeing anything to do with these magnificent creatures...have a wonderful weekend! Luanne

  38. I've never been to W. Virginia. I've always heard it's beautiful. Love seeing all that green. Thank you for the nice comment you made on my blog.

  39. I love your beautiful pictures. We have been there several times over the years and just love it. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a blessed Sunday.


  40. Out houses....had to laugh, you posted a picture of one and so did I. Did you see my personal one for tailgating purposes? lol

    Nice pictures, relaxing.

    Hope surgery went well, be thinking of you all.


  41. Hope you are doing well. Lovely photo and I bet it is a wonderful place. Wish I could see more of the US.

    The Raggedy Girl

  42. Such lovely photos of your journey through West Virginia. I love those old buildings and huts, and that pretty brook.