Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ Meandering down PA Country Roads ... Memories ~

We were out just meandering thru the countryside trying to 'kill' an hour for an antique shop to open when we came upon a wonderful scene ... Daddy & children harvesting the corn stalks. The Father gave us permission to take their pictures, which usually they do not. The children are 10, 8 & 5 ... the 2 sisters were at home. The farm is the pic directly under the chidlren. These farms in PA are spotlessly kept.

Pic #5 on down are just pretty countryside for you to enjoy. And, yes, they still have outhouses in PA, WV is not holding exclusivity ... chuckle.

I remember as a child we would occasionally as a child, ride a train (before we owned a car) out to the middle of nowhere to visit our cousins in WA ST. The engineer would stop in the middle of the tracks (not a station) & let us off into the 'wilderness' ... we walked a good distance thru woodsey areas to their home. I did not! enjoy this one bit.

Our cousins lived in a 2-room home & had an outhouse for 'pleasure'. The very first time we used that smelly 'pleasure' I can remember we were all so grossed out about this primitive 2-hole facility. I also recall asking my cousin to pass the 'tissue' & she handed me pages from the catalog (they had both Sears & Montgomery Wards so I guess you could decide which would be more fun to 'pick a page' & to use). I was aghast! WHAT NO TISSUE!!, oh how yucky!! I remember Mother kind of chuckling when I told her. They had a well pump to haul water ... NO indoor plumbing ... a huge tub to bathe in (NO WAY!! would I do that!!) ... they had 2 beds which the 6 of them shared.

It is amazing how a small child can be so impacted by the way others lived ... I can remember having dreams after our visit the first time that I would live in a big house & have lots of 'tissue' ... chuckle!

I reflect now on how happy they all were. They made imaginary play houses amongst the trees using branches, boards or whatever they could find to make 'wall' partitions on the ground ... w/ open spaces as the doorways. Their imaginations were wonderful. They created their furniture out of every imaginable piece of wood/branches/twigs/boxes they could find. We had a tea party out there, played for hours & actually had a grand time with them. They were happy.

Life isn't about having ... it is making due with what you have, appreciating it & being grateful the good Lord has given you this beautiful country to live in, because you are so blessed.
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  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful blog and was a joy to read. Thank you for sharing......


  2. Oh wow! What an experience. I don't think I'd like to use a catalog either! Great pictures! Enjoy your day!

  3. HI and Good Morning!!!
    Oh I loved this post!!! I love driving through Amish Country in Indiana, it just brings one back to a simpler time!!! I too had a cousin who's grandparents had an outhouse!!!And yes we loved playing in there big yard /farm!! We would do the same thing, use our imaginations to make all kinds of things, playhouses, instruments and pretend we were in a big rock band!!!
    Oh the joys of a simple childhood!!!!
    hugs to you,

  4. Hello Marydon, I so love reading your posts, they bring back such happy childhood memories for me too... I love the countryside, though I have never been to Pennsylvania... it looks beautiful! I especially love those old silos! Bisous... Julie Marie

  5. and those OUTHOUSE MUSING! Hysterical!

    My Mr.AGPMAN remembers when he was little going to his Grandmother's House when they didn't have inside plumbing. guy isn't that this wasn't that long ago...

    Soooooo happy for progress!

    Hugs to you~ I love this Post! SWEET!

    xoRebecca PS: Thank you for the congratulations on our new little bundle of joy...we are soooo excited!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I love "anything Amish", that's for sure. I sometimes wonder if they don't have the 'right idea' about things, although it would certainly be difficult to live w/o our beloved modern conveniences :) -Tammy

  7. I remember my family had a cottage near here. There was a pump in the kitchen that brought the water up from the lake to heat & wash dishes etc. It was so cool!! We also had an outhouse.... If you didn't want to go up on the hill at night you could use a chamber pot from under the bed!! LOL!!
    Believe it or not I miss those days!!
    Ah-h-h Memories!!

  8. You are sure seeing some beautiful things on your road trip, outhouses included! I've always been fascinated by the Amish way of life. I don't know that I could ever adopt all their ways though. The story about your cousins was very funny and sweet. It an be such a culture shock when little ones see something outside of their element. I think they adapt much faster than we adults though!

  9. Oh I love gardens, and farming it is so wonderful. The picture of the corn field reminds me of my pops garden. Some people tend to say farms, but its not as big as a farm, he just grows so many odds and ends of things in there. I love you post, and thanks for visiting me today. I love hearing from ya.


  10. Great pictures! I am so drawn to the Amish simplicity. Thanks for sharing about your cousins.

  11. So true! I hate that often kids get so many presents at holidays that the essence of family and such is kind of relegated to the back seat. Life is about so much more than things!

  12. I just loved this post and pictures. The farm land is so beautiful.

    What nice memories you have. I also have a memory of an outhouse. In 1947 when I was eight, My Mama and my Aunt Bertha took me on a trip to Canada and visited a lot of my Mama's family. We went to a farm where a pig chased me, I was scared to death, so scared I had to use the bathroom. What??? No bathroom. The outhouse was dark and scary. No tissue, newspaper if I remember right. That immense hole in the wooden box was so high up and I thought sure I would fall in. I didn't forget the smell for a long time. My two bathrooms today are so tiny that I often complain. Remembering the outhouse reminds me that you are right. It isn't about what we have, I am going to appreciate my tiny bathrooms all day today.


  13. Pennsylvania does have some pretty areas.

    I remember outhouses too. Maybe that's why I've practically got a toilet paper fetish and have rolls & rolls of it in the cabinets. I never want to run out of it! Yipes! [tee hee] :)

  14. Marydon - thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    I have an outhouse memory too. We used to visit cousins in Kentucky in the summer - and they didn't have a bathroom - just the old outhouse (just had to use it before dark!!) - and we had great fun at bathtime - in a big old galvanized tub! Thanks for the memories!

    Have a wonderful day!


    P.S. Will visit your friend Gail's blog.

  15. BEAUTIFUL pictures all,
    your country is so wonderful :)
    I wish I could visit the USA once ;)
    Have a nice day ...

  16. Hi Marydon, Great post. I love seeing those PA farms and families. Such wonderful people. We can learn from them, can't we????

    Beautiful countryside also... WOW!!!!

    The families that I have known in my life which are what I called "poor" may not have had much --but they were the happiest and most appreciative people in the world. The kids didn't know what they were missing --and they were usually much nicer and better behaved than others who had been brought up with WAY too much!!!!

    Great post.

  17. Thanks for the pics! As I am originally from PA, it was very enjoyable to see them. Joe and I honeymooned in the Dutch Country.

  18. Growing up we had the same county pleasures. We had a vacation home in New Hampshire, it was a log cabin with no indoor plumbing, we thought nothing of using the outhouse (except at night). It was a fun place but a lot of work for my poor mother with 5 kids.. We would haul water from up the street in buckets. What I would give for it now.

  19. I love to meander. Pa is a lovely state.

  20. Hi, Marydon,
    The Pennsylvania countryside is beautiful. I especially loved seeing the father and his children. Yes, I have used an outhouse before at my grandparents. Also, took a bath in a washtub. Happy memories they are too. Vicki

  21. Hi Marydon: Thanks for visiting. I want you to know that all is well, thank you. Love your story. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  22. Hi Marydon,

    Lovely post and what a simple and good life that must be living on the farm.
    Beautiful photo of Father and children.
    The countryside is wonderful.
    I have been to visit Gail's lovely blog and thanks for telling us about it.


  23. Oh This was so much fun. Thank you. I loved it.

  24. What a wonderful way to 'kill' an hour. Beautiful country and I'm glad that I could hitch a ride.

  25. Your pictures are so beautiful, as is the place you visited. So calm and serene. I loved your story and it brought back memories to me. That is how I grew up in PA! We were very happy and didn't know anything else. I remember when we got our first bathroom, it was the greatest gift we could have received! I am having my 100th post Giveaway, stop over and see what I have! It all could be yours!

  26. Hi Marydon,
    Great pictures and wonderful story. Love your reaction to your cousins outhouse, I can imagine the look on your face when you were handed a catalog page HA HA!