Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~~ Prayers Needed ~~ & ~~ ANTS ~~

Stellan is doing better & got discharged. Read his story below. Stellan is still in need of prayers.

Amy is preparing for surgery next week & needs our helping prayers
visit her Aunt Sherry ~

I have read several blogs & there are many friends out here that truly need our prayers, also. Please remember them, also.

ANTS ~~ For those of you having ant problems in your homes ~ TERRO may be purchased at your WM, hardware & Lowe's, etc. It is a little container you place in the area the ants are bothering you.
They will come in droves, eat the 'stuff', carry it back to the nest & it will kill the entire nest. LMTU ... IT WORKS WONDERS!!

Have a beautiful day ~ TTFN ~Marydon


  1. We have found that the Terro works wonders to get rid of ants! Will be keeping those in need in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. hi marydon,
    what a wonderful thing it is to be able to share prayer needs with others through your blog. it can be such a great way to reach out and stay connected.
    i will pray for these needs you mentioned today.

  3. Hi Marydon...Will be lifting up those in need of prayer...Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comments... Your a sweetie, I took some time and cruised your blog again... I love the christening gown, sooo precious. Gail's chandelier for your kitchen= fabulous. You must just enjoy it so much...I'd probably leave it on all day! Have a good one my friend, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Prayers are with all who are in need. You are so sweet Marydon to think of others.
    We have ant problems in the spring only. They don't present much of a problem the rest of the summer.
    Have a peaceful evening!

  5. I send all of my warmest most positive and compassionate thoughts in the hope all find strength and hope. I think you are wonderful to think of others when they need it the most.


  6. Hi Marydon! I will definitely pray as well. You are such a wonderful person for thinking of others. :)

  7. Praying for Stellan and so many others. GOD BLESS, andrea

  8. Hi Marydon,
    Yes.. I WILL pray.. The Lord Loves when we come to him in numbers !! It's an honor to do so !! Hoping your day is blessed !!
    hugs ~tea~

  9. I will certainly keep them in my prayers! God Bless you for caring for all of us!

  10. Prayers of all above mentioned!

    There is nothing worse than an ant infestation! Terro does work!

  11. Hi Marydon~~
    Thanks so much for stopping by earlier today~~I just love when you visit♥
    Prayers for those you mentioned and as Christians, we do know the Power of Prayer!

  12. Thanks for stopping by and visiting..You have such a pretty blog here.. I will send prayers your way.. I had problems with ants one year and we used that Terro..It really does work great...

  13. Thanks for the Terro solution. I just emailed the info to my husband. We have been battling ants the last week in our kitchen and I'm sick of them.

    I hope all the prayers will be answered for your family and friends.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing all of these prayer requests!!! I think you are a little angel sent from heaven!!!


  15. Sending prayers to those in need. You are a blessing for sharing.

  16. Hi Marydon, Thanks for being a regular at Red House Happenings. You have a beautiful blog. Prayers being sent your way!

  17. Just in from work, or would have made my way here sooner. Am so sorry to learn of so many who need our good wishes and prayers. Consider it done.

    I'm not having ant problems, and think I've gotten rid of my Jap. Beetle problems, so am a happy camper there.

    Thanks so much for swinging by. I do so enjoy sharing my psuedo grandson.

    Feel like a virtual trip..will help to get your mind on something else.

  18. Sent my prayers ~ hard to believe I have so much left, I thought I used up every single one for Bob!

    Will try that ant killer. The ants are going great guns this year. We use a product in the house and it keeps them at bay, but doesn't get them back to the nest where you need it to work.

  19. So kind of you to be spreading the prayer requests. I'll be praying along with you. -Jackie

  20. Thanks for stopping by earlier and for your sweet comment. I will keep everyone in need in my prayers. God bless you!

  21. Hi Marydon,

    I will pray for those in need and wishing them well.
    thank you for the Ant rid remedy.
    We have had a few about and they are so pesky.


  22. Prayers are a wonderful thing to share! Thanks for praying for mine.

  23. Thankfully, no ants, but lots of prayers! Stellan and sweet Amy and families are in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. Marydon, thank you for your prayers for my husband. I am filled with great joy and thankfulness to you and others who have prayed for him.

    God is so good! The heart cath was perfectly normal! We count this a miracle, as all preceding tests indicated serious problems!

    I am overwhelmed by God's goodness and faithfulness!

    May our dear, precious heavenly Father bring healing and peace to little Stellan and Amy and so many others who need the touch of Jesus.

    I love your blog! It is full of love and inspiration.

    And your comments and encouraging words mean so much to me!

    Many blessings to you, dear friend.


  25. Hi Marydon, I'll be praying for all those who need us right now...Prayer is a powerful thing and the more we have to help the stronger it becomes. I pray that all goes well for amy and her family as she goes through this surgery...Thank you marydon! hugs, Jennifer

  26. Oh god bless you, and thank you so much for stoping by all the time. I love what you said about Amy, that is so incredible to have so many prayers out there working when someone needs help. I love to overwhelm the Lord with the calling of all is children in prayer.

    I hope your day is wonderful tomorrow and hope you have a blessed evening.


  27. I've been praying for them both! Congrats on your win, I somehow missed that post. Thankfully we are not under an ant attack! I've been posting about the Borst House all week in case you've missed it. I have a list on my left sidebar to see previous posts. You have to look for your rug! I'm so curious to see if you can spot it!

  28. My prayers are being sent with love!

  29. Hi there,
    Prayers are being lifted for those in need! Thanks for the tip on Terro. I have never heard of that solution for ants. I had a few "sugar" ants in my kitchen window sill in the Spring. I detest ants. I know they have to live somewhere, but the woods is a great place for them to build! LOLOL!!! I have made a note about TERRO!!!! Have a blessed day!

  30. Dear Marydon,
    I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all the prayers lifted up for Amy, Stellan, and everyone in need of prayer. a prayer is the most powerful and kind thing we can do for someone. GOD BLESS YOU for your committment to pray for others.
    CONGRATULATIONS oon winning your lovely give away and all your awards....little blessings from the Lord, Marydon. You are so precious and thank you for your friendship to my sister, Sherry. We both think you are a jewel...and I love reading your blog when I have time.
    I dimmed the lights on my blog yesterday as I will probably be away from blogging for over a month....that will be very sad to me but I will be so rewarded when my beloved Amy is healed.
    angel hugs

  31. Will say a special prayer for them! And thanks for the info about ants - I have found great hints on your blog! (textile wash). Have a great day Marydon.

  32. Hi Marydon, I will keep these precious angels in my prayers. I also pray that you are well, my friend. As always~Sharon

  33. When all is said and done, I think it's prayer that truly makes the difference. And you are an angel for remembering to pray for so many of those in need. I'll add my prayers too. :)

  34. I used Terro once for the little sugar ants but when they started coming in droves, I freaked out, took it up and washed the floor!! Dumb hey?