Friday, October 16, 2009

~ Worldwide Cancer Support ~ (& a GIVEAWAY)

Relay for Life from right Aya, her dog Kai, Kyoko and Miyuki. We are very good friends and supporting each other. This dog is volunteering as a therapy dog. He is very cute.

In Japan purple scarves are worn representing cancer survivors.

Miyuki is a wonderful friend of many years, who comes to visit occasionally. She has her own antique shop in Japan. We are so blessed with her friendship, she is like family ... & so deeply grateful she has survived this disease.

He & Me love you forever.

GIVEAWAY ...... /


  1. So happy that your friend is a breast cancer survivor. Our daughter is also.

    Not happy that anyone had it. Simply happy, that they survived.

  2. Hey I made it in today. Life is good. Maybe I needed the cancer reminder and God knew it. I know so many survivors and one really close to home. I pray for my BIL daily as he had lung cancer and is living by a thread. But then we all are.

  3. Praising GOD that your friend is doing well. I, too have therapy dogs that I take into the hospitals and nursing homes. It is truly a blessings to watch them work.
    My brother in law was just diagnosed 2 days ago with lymphoma. They are still running many tests to determine the stage and prognosis. Please keep him in your prayers.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. We lost my FIL to cancer 2 months is so nice to read about someone who has battled with and won over this horrible disease!!

    :) T

  5. What a wonderful tribute post today. Yeah it is nice to hear of survivors. I hope this day finds you well. And I wish you a wonderful weekend. Yeah mom and dad are coming home tommorrow. The trucks water pump went out and they are spending the day fixing that so hopefully they make it home safely. It's better that it broke before they got out on the highway though.


  6. Good to hear that your friend is a survivor. I have some that are and some that are not. I hope one day we can cure this dreaded disease.


  7. Dear Marydon... what a blessing you must be in her life as well... Bisous... Julie Marie

  8. I'm glad your friend pulled through and is walking strong! I hope your week went well and that you have a great weekend!

  9. Great post! How fun that in Japan their color is purple!!

  10. SO glad your friends are Cancer SURVIVORS. Bless them.

  11. I like to think of cancer survivors as even more than that - they are overcomers!!

    First time to your blog, spent lots of time reviewing past posts and so enjoyed all your photos, pretty new bathroom decoration and all your great quotes on the sidebar. Don't want to miss a thing so I signed up as your follower.

    Come see me when you have a moment.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  12. That is so awesome and it would be so cool to see what she sells in her shop in Japan.
    Deb :)

  13. Sweet Marydon...

    I'm so happy your friend has been healed. I so hope we have a cure soon. I'd love to see your friend's store.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  14. So nice your friend is a survivor. I too have a good friend who is. It is indeed a blessing. Am curious, why purple scarves in Japan; instead of the traditional pink?


  15. Lovely post Marydon, it is so good to hear happy stories. I am sad to think of how many lives could be saved if the big drug companies did it for love not profit.
    In the meantime we all need to do our parts!!!
    thank you,
    Margaret B

  16. Wonderful to share a close friendship thru such a difficult time. So very thankful she is well. Would be interesting to see her shop as well. Hope you have a pleasant evening.

  17. Gosh, I know it wasn't meant to be thisaway but when I started reading your post, I started to cry...then read the sorrow happened four years ago. The new church is beautiful and I'm happy the Phoenix has risen to speak. So glad your friend is well.
    What a post! WHEW!

  18. I want to be in on this give away. Thanks