Friday, October 30, 2009

~ How To Create A Pumpkin & A Ghost Story ~

Joshua 15 years ago ... where did the time go.

Happy FALL To You All, My Friends ~
From one PUMPKIN to another .......................
A woman asked a co-worker, 'What is it like to be a Christian?'

The co-worker replied, 'It is like being a pumpkin. God picks you from the patch, brings you in, & washes all the dirt off of you. Then He cuts off the top & scoops out all the yucky stuff.

He removes the seeds of doubt, hate & greed. Then He carves you a new smiling face & puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.'

Louisiana Ghost Story

This happened about 6 months ago on Louisiana Hwy 57, just outside of Dulac, a little town in the bayou country of Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's real.

An Ohio businessman, Saul Rubins, abandoned his disabled vehicle on the side of the road, and attempted to hitchhike. The night was pitch dark in the middle of a thunderstorm. Time passed slowly and no cars went by. It was raining so hard he could hardly see his hand in front of his face.

Suddenly, through the sheets of rain, he saw a car moving slowly, approaching and appearing ghostlike in the rain. It slowly and silently crept toward him and stopped. Desperately needing a ride, Saul jumped in the car and closed the door. Only then did he realize that there was no one behind the wheel and no sound of an engine to be heard over the rain.

Again the car crept silently forward and Saul was terrified, too scared to think of jumping out and running. He saw that the car was approaching a sharp curve and, still too scared to jump out, he started to pray and beg for his life; he was sure the ghost car would go off the road and into the bayou and he would then drown!

But just before the curve, a shadowy hand appeared at the driver's window, reached in and turned the steering wheel, guiding the car safely around the bend. Then, just as silently, the hand disappeared through the window and Saul was alone again.

Paralyzed with fear, Saul watched the hand reappear every time they reached a curve. Finally, scared nearly to death, Saul had all he could take, jumped out of the car, and ran to town. Wet and in shock, he went into Schmoopy's. Voice quavering, he ordered two cups of coffee, black, and then told everybody about his supernatural experience.

The room became silent and everybody got goose bumps when they realized Saul was telling the truth (and not just some drunk).

About 30 minutes later two Cajuns, dripping wet, walked into Schmoopy's and one says to the other, "Look, Boudreaux, ders dat idiot what rode in our car when we wuz pushin' it in the rain.


  1. Marydon, what an adorable picture, he looks like a little angel next to the cute little pumpkins. I have read some of the scriptures on your blog that you have written they are wonderful, you are a light in the darkness for my mother my dear, God Bless you, she raves about you all the time, what would we do without friendship and the Lord in our lives, were would we be without family and one another? We would be Lost.

    Blessings to you this Halloween.

  2. Now that is the way to celebrate Halloween! I love it!

  3. Wishing you all of Autumn's beauty this weekend.

  4. I love those stories, especially the 'Ghost' Story!! ha ha I always suspected Louisianna had to be haunted. :)

  5. Great Cajun joke! Love your ghost story.

  6. Oh Marydon, you had me going there for that ghost story, I love it! Happy Halloween to you and your family! Bisous... Julie Marie (one pumpkin to another)

  7. Seriously? Because a friend told me about a tow truck (toe) and I believed that. *rolling my eye* at any rate great story!!!!

  8. I was not expecting the story to take such a turn, it gave me a real good giggle! I liked the lantern story too, it was a great metaphor. Have a Happy Halloween!

  9. I'm laughing out loud MD!

    Love the picture, too! They years do fly by fast. Today I feel so old!


  10. Your ghost story brought a smile to my face, as did the pic of little Joshua! Where does the time go?

  11. Thanks for telling me to come back and visit. It was well worth it. You made me SMILE!!

  12. What a cute halloween post Marydon!

  13. Oh PB
    I am still laughing at that darn ghost story. Isn't that just the cutest story you ever read? Love it. Thanks for the laughter.

    Josh looks so sweet. I bet he is not a bit happy about all the posting of his early youth pics, but we sure are. Love them honey, they are just precious.

    Happy Halloween sweetie. I will be talking to you tomorrow. Have you been in your Halloween candy yet, picking out the good stuff?

    Thanks again for the wonderful mail surprise. I was so thrilled. Thank you my precious friend.

    Much, much love, Cherry Jelly

  14. Lots of fun things to read today-thanks!

    Hope your Halloween is "spooktacular"!
    Best wishes, NM.

  15. Your little Joshua...what a doll! And, yes, the time goes way way too fast! I keep trying to tame it but it just doesn't cooperate at all! And...what a fun ghost story! Hope your day is filled with love and happiness. Enjoy! Hugs, Coralie

  16. Now dere's a good story.
    Blessings on All Saints Day!

  17. Enjoyed your stories!!! :) Great!!!

    Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!



  18. Marydon:
    Joshua sure is a darling. I loved your stories. Have a Happy Halloween.

  19. Hi Marydon... what a beautiful boy... darling. The time flies doesn't it? I love your stories....
    Happy Halloween my friend..hugs ~lynne~

  20. Hi Marydon: I just have to tell you how much I love that punkin story. It touches me every time I read it. Still praying for you and your family. Wishing you a happy Halloween. Blessings, Martha

  21. Just found your site today and love it.
    Especially love these stories.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. Love the stories. Happy Halloween

  23. Great stories Marydon! Cute picture of Joshua...I know where does time go? Happy PS, Halloween and All Saints Day.

  24. That story is so cute about the Louisiana Ghost story. god bless you

    I am having a monthly giveaway on my blog go in and check it out and sign up for some fun.

  25. I left one message, I don't know where it went. Great stories. I love them both. Thanks for stopping by and looking at the Az. Blogger pics, if you go back again you will see a good pic of Sherrie and you can also click on the pics and they will enlarge even bigger. She is truly a doll and so pretty. I hope you don't miss it. Hugs, Marty

  26. Hi Marydon, you have a gorgeous pink punkin and a gorgous punkin too! Thanks for the visit. COme back again! Becs

  27. Mary don, I am still laughing about your ghost story, this is the best I have heard in long time. i was laughing so loud i interrupted my dh ball game, and had to reread it to him during commercial. lol
    Just keep them coming just loved it!!
    Joshua is so cute, and time does fly by.
    thank you for sharing,


  28. Mary, Thanks for stopping by, I love the pumbkin poem, I once used that and made up tags with it and attached to little pumkin gords. Have a beautiful week. Blessings,

  29. HI!!!
    I'm glad he picked me out of that field!!!! And cleaned me all out!!!! Only sometimes I have seeds of doubt remaining!!! Happy Halloween!!!

  30. Love both stories! My pumpkin is shining brightly these days!

    Happy Halloween!