Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~Love, Life, Forgiveness, America~

Every Sunday on our way to & from breakfast after Mass, we pass this pretty little spot up on a small knoll. We had heard that this family had lost a child in the 'war'. It is a large hand created silhouette figure bowing over the cross with that gorgeous American flag towering above. Very solemn ... I have occasionally shed a tear, it is that moving.

Now, on the curve in the road prior to this spot Mrs. Mcle who worked at this restaurant was killed & there is a huge painted heart in the roadway that covers both lanes with a memorial for her. Reality is smack dab in your face ...

There is not a Sunday that we are not reminded how short life is, there are no guarantees in life & to live life as if there is no tomorrow ... hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, forgive those that have hurt your heart ...

... & pray for all those that fight for our freedom to live in a country that is still free, stand proud & tall, look to the Heavens above & seek protection for us all, we need to keep it this way. Enjoy this beautiful rendition (turn down my music) ...

And this my friends is the way it should be sung.........


  1. Such a beautiful post, Marydon!
    Have a great day!

  2. very touching and a great although sad reminder for us all...

  3. I agree. Sometimes we forget what we have until someone else's loss reminds us. The memorial on the knoll is amazing, very touching. I can see why it has brought you to tears.

  4. great post sweetie!!! hope your having a great week!!!

  5. Great post! I think about it everyday all that the men and women do for us for our freedoms and how short life is. My son had cancer last year so I know how it feels to even think about losing a child. Very scary. Have a great week!

  6. Beautifully Said Marydon. My oldest brother passed away at the beginning of this month after a long battle with cancer. We never know, fortunately he was a wonderful christian and I know he's in heaven and no longer suffering.

  7. Thank you Marydon for once again reminding us how very fragile life is... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Very touching...
    I have a friend who lost her son on 911. That is when it truly hit me just how fragile life is.

  9. Losing my son so sudden this summer has put all of the under 50 set in our family on edge about there health.

  10. Marydon,
    We enjoyed a few wonderful days in MD, but not your area. It was beautiful in the fall. We spent some time at memorials, battlefields and in DC as hubby ran the Marathon... what a humbling reminder of those who gave it all for us. Thanks for your beautiful post as well!

  11. What a beautiful memorial to a fallen Warriour!

    And yes, we need to remember to savour all our days and moments. Because all we really have, is this NOW.

  12. AMEN! We can never say "I love you: too many times because one time will be the last time.

  13. Good Morning Sweet Marydon!
    Thank you for this beautiful post this morning. Life is precious and we do take many little things for granted. I will always look at a butterfly and smile with my heart, knowing Amy is free to fly and hurt no more.

    Thank you for stopping by this morning. I am trying...One step at a time. Today my migraine has intensified, so I am at home. I have taken another Maxaalt. Not helping yet.

    I love you sweet friend. I so love you. Lots of love and hugs, Cherry Jelly

  14. Hi Marydon,

    I'm more aware than ever of how precious and short life is and I'm trying hard to make everyday matter!

    Thank you so much sweet friend for your kind words and well wishes!

    Love and hugs,

  15. Hello Marydon,Popped over from Sherry's post. My heart is with them too. It will be a while. I absolutely love your post today. Gave me gold chills. I just finished ready "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown, was expecting such an ending. Not what I expected. It takes place in Washington D.C. and it is right up to now. Amazing book. The main focus, we need to become one mind for the good of our country to bring it back to the original blessing that this country was meant to be. He believes one mind for goodness has the power to change the world. Thanks for today's post.

  16. A beautiful post Marydon and oh so true. A life can be taken so quickly, we must be grateful and loving everyday of our short lives.

  17. Beautiful post Marydon. We need to be reminded every now and then just how fragile life really is.

  18. beautiful and moving post. I love, love, love this song.

  19. Oh Marydon!!!Thank you SO much sweet friend for posting this!
    You are SO right, THIS is the way our beloved National Anthem SHOULD be sung!
    This is the song that should be playing everywhere!!
    LOVE IT!
    Hugs to you♥

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  20. Oh Marydon, I have finished reading your beautiful post, but the tears are still streaming down my cheeks.

  21. Dear Marydon,
    your post today has really touched my heart and moved me to tears. Thank you for your precious words

  22. Oh Marydon, what a beautiful post. Very moving.
    Have a wonderful day.

  23. We sure take things for granted don't we? Thanks for this awesome reminder. I loved it.

  24. A wonderful heartfelt post. Thank you for reminding us of all of our wonderful gifts in our lives.

  25. Thank you for this touching post and the gentle reminder how precious life is...hugs, Linda

  26. Hello Marydon,
    What a sweet and touching post. As a nurse, I know all too well just how fragile life is. And what is truley important in life... faith, family, friends. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my blessings.
    Have a beautiful day,
    Mary :)