Friday, October 23, 2009

~ Travelling Trails * Part 4 *** AMY IS IN THE ARMS OF JESUS ***

*Amy's wings set flight, she is in the arms of Jesus, please pray for her family. All my love to your family, Sherry & Debbie.*
~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
~Today was a whopping day for feedsacks ... another 300+ are enroute plus a few I brought home with me. Ya-hoo-DEE!!!

Our little tour of countryside was a 4 hr. drive, each day for 2 days, the rooftop open, the soft breeze kissing our cheeks, gently warmed by the sun ... to treasure the beauty of this earth that we have been so blessed with. You are hopefully enjoying this relaxing exquisite countryside that surrounds us in MD.

Today I got some exquisite autumn pics as I drove thru PA that I will share with you later on.

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THANK YOU to all you ladies that have shared such sweet AWARDS with me. I am honored that you think so highly of me. You are all wonderful friends.


  1. Marydon, popping over to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend.


  2. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiflu area. Love that stream, reminds me of Alaska. Oh and the cabin too!! Have agreat weekend!

  3. Hi Marydon,
    Just beautiful, and I really hope someday to be able to do this travel with my hubby .. We live in such a beautiful, and yes, blessed country !! So much to see .. hoping all is well with you, and your evening a restful one !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  4. I miss our drives to western MD and southern PA! Thank you for sharing your photos.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!:)

  6. Oh what a beautiful area! All I can see, is God's beauty! A beauty that He created for us. :) Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. God Bless.

  7. Hello Marydon, once again, I wish I was traveling along that beautiful country road... the picture of the white farmhouse is so pretty... Bisous... Julie Marie

  8. It looks like you saw some beautiful countryside. Yeah to all the feedsacks! That was quite a bonanza! Congrats on all your awards as well. Amy's whole story is so so sad. I dread every day reading the updates and hearing she has slipped away, but perhaps at this point it would be a blessing for her, she seems to be suffering so.
    Take care and have a good weekend.

  9. Oh such beautiful scenery. I so miss seeing the green rolling hills. The desert doesn't quite look like that. lol Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  10. HI!!!!
    You always photograph the most awesome things!!!!
    I would love to take a long car ride in that countryside!!!!
    God has given Debbie and Sherry and family their daughter and niece wings today, she is an Angel watching over them
    god bless you tonight

  11. Good Morning Marydon!!
    I just love your travel photos. They look beautiful!
    I read of Amy's passing this morning... What a long struggle for her & her family. Prayers to them....
    Have a great day my friend.

  12. What a lovely trail you travel. Beautiful countryside. :) Nancy

  13. I love seeing all the wonderful photos from your trip. Fall is the best time to travel I think because of all the fall foliage.


  14. I love your photos. I am a big fan of old barns, old houses, old falling down buildings and just about anything old (except I don't like getting older : ) Ha!) I was happy to see we are sisters in the Lord. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great Saturday.

  15. Marydon, What a beautiful blog, love the pictures, how gorgeous!! Thank you so much for coming by my blog and for mentioning me in yours. You're a sweety. Hope to talk again.


  16. So sad to hear Amy has passed. But there will be no more sadness, or pain for her.... She is now walking with out Lord. Blessings on this pink saturday.

  17. Those are beautiful photos Marydon! Wow, your countryside is spectacular.

    It's been nice here too. We've been taking 2 wheeled excusions frequently, stopping at local eating establishments and enjoying ourselves. The weather is just too nice to poke around inside.

    God bless! Yer Pal Sparky :)

  18. Hi Marydon,

    Many prayers are being said for sweet Amy's family for their heartbreaking loss. May the Lord Bless them all and keep them...


    What a wonderful ride you took us on, today thru the rolling landscape and beautiful old homes! I love going on rides, so thank you!

    I am so sorry for Amy's family's loss...

  20. I've been so sad about Amy, but I rejoice that she is with the Lord and no longer in pain. My heart just aches for Debbie.

    Enjoyed going on the ride with you.


    Sheila :-)

  21. Wonderful trip... loved all the beauty! Have a blessed day, will pray for Amy's family.

  22. Another lovely ride through the countryside! There are few things we enjoy more than a peaceful jaunt over hill and dale. Love all the pics. (And, by the way, I'm thrilled that you have found more feedsacks! Wonderful finds!!!)

    (For Amy's family...I will be continuing my prayers.)

  23. Beautiful countryside Marydon!! Isn't God's handiwork just gorgeous!!
    So, so sorry to hear about Amy, but she is now with her King and that has to be a GOOD thing!

  24. Howdy Marydon
    Blessings to you sweetie pie !
    I am so glad for Amy and so sad for those left behind just want to do something but sometimes there are no words.
    I am still without a computer so my blogging visits are rather random as I am able to get to a computer .
    Big hugs to you my blogging friend.
    I think I was finally able to get signed in as a friend again .
    At least I tried .
    I seem to have been evaporated from several sites ,blogging can be an adventure :)
    God bless you and keep you always .
    Big Texas hugs
    will be praying for you and yours
    Love ya !

  25. Hi Marydon,
    I was sorry to hear about Amy. She is resting in the Lords arms now.

    Beautiful pictures.


  26. Oh Marydon, breathtaking pictures as always! Such serene countryside. I can close my eyes and imagine the sun and warm breeze ~ Love your music too!

    Sweet Amy is finally free of pain. My prayers are with her heartbroken family.

  27. Marydon: I am so sorry about Amy. I will pray for you and your family for God's comfort. I know Amy already has it. I bit she went with a smile on her face. Blessings dear one, Martha

  28. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Amy. I love all of your pictures. I have really enjoyed the trip.

  29. Oh (((Hugs))) to Amy's family and to you for your kind support toward them. I'm sure they appreciate it. May God bless and comfort them during this difficult time.

    Your photos of the country drive are absolutely lovely! What a beautiful area!

  30. The pics are just lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Hi there, I love your blog...
    I tried quilting for a bit..but it's just not my bag..(no pun intended)grin!!
    thanks for the sweet comment you left.
    appreciate you,
    blessings, glenda

  32. Oh you took a picture of my front yard! just kidding. I wish! I would love my town to look like that!