Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ Memories In Mother's Bedroom ~

Come in, won't you ... may I offer you a spot of tea & cookie?

You would like to visit Mother's room? Please follow me ... I love the peaceful memories .......

When we moved Mother out to the east coast to be with us, we lost her shortly thereafter. I kept her bed & dresser. Above the dresser is some of her crochet work that I had museum framed to preserve. On the dresser is her Mother Maggie Carty Neu's picture album from Ireland w/ancestors photos, on top is G'ma Maggie's book of poetry & glass case. My children's picture when they were ae 2, 3, & 4. Mother's pincushion & hat pins are in the center.

The bed is draped in an Irish crochet coverlet accented by the quilt at the foot of the bed G'ma Maggie made . This bed was one of G'ma Maggie's when Mother was a child. I did not repaint the bed, leaving the 'beauty marks' just as it was when Mother had it.

The teacup chandelier was made by Brass & Copper in Maryland, specifically for this bedroom. The teacups have touches of blues & soft pinks, picking up the colors of the bedroom decor. Gail, shabby*cottage*shoppe on ebay, makes the colored light bulbs, I used blue in this chandelier.

Harold's family photos adorn the one wall. The antique rabbits beneath were a gift from our cleaning lady, years ago.

Our plate ensemble on the wall has (2) of Mother's dried flower pictures that dressed her walls in her home for as long as I can remember.

Above the bed are vintage nursery rhyme silhouettes, a part of my vast collections. I don't recall where we got the wash stand nor the rocker (draped with Mother's apron) but they fit so well in this room.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed our visit.

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  1. I think it is a beautiful cosy room, and a loving tribute to your mother. It is so nice that you are able to leave just as it is. I can imagine that you feel your mom close when you go in. Yesterday's post was so nice too Marydon. We also love to eat outdoors in the summer and I can't wait to see your nice tomatoes from your hanging container. I may try one for our winter crop here in Florida. Thanks for your encouraging words.


  2. What a gorgeous room, she must have loved it.

    I love her crochet, it's such a good idea having it framed and on view. The quilt is so pretty.

  3. It's so very sweet Marydon, I love it, and love how it's just perfectly preserved with your Mother's memories.
    So happy you popped in to visit me now that I'm back, and glad to be back! Whew it's been a whirlwind around here. Love love love the room!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. What a precious room, Marydon. I bet it is full of love and so many memories. :) The crochet is truly beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Thanks for sharing your mother's room. My mother has been in heaven for almost 10 years now and I treasure the things that she gave me. Warm wishes, Esther

  6. Marydon,
    I loved this post.
    Such a sweet room to keep.
    I noticed that you're featured in the Quilting Magazine. Fantastic!
    I don't quilt, but I'd like to see the magazine issue.
    I admire quilters!!!
    God Bless you,

  7. How nice to know you had your Mother with you until her time here on earth was down. What lovely memories. I love the teacup chandelier.

    Thank you for sharing.


  8. My Dear Friend Marydon: Just a quick update. We had a bit of a scare. Amy was having some problems with one of her eyes and they thought it was a sign of a small stroke, but after checking they believe it to be a migraine. She is resting. She is still receiving IVs which her little body so desperately needs to be hydrated and fed. This is a good thing. (even though she doesn't like it, it will make her feel better). They took the line out of her groin area and applied a pressure patch, and then she will need to be careful for (I don't know how long) so that plug can stay in and have no bleeding problems. With only state assisted insurance they are saying they may have to send her home tonight, which upsets me considering it is about 2 1/2 drive home and there is no place to take her if they run into problems. I am praying they will decide to keep her for safety sake. We'll see. I will update a post later tonight when I know more. Thank you my dear lady for being such a wonderful friend both to me and to Debbie. We love you so much, Country love and hugs, Sherry

  9. Very Sweet, MD. You can tell how much you adored your Momma.

    Blest be the tie that binds...

    Love, Rebecca

  10. A very beautiful room..
    so soft and pretty, full of lovely memories..
    Julia ♥

  11. What a very sweet post. Thanks for sharing your mother's things with us. It was very peaceful and I enjoyed my visit.

  12. What a beautiful room and tribute to your mother. It looks so cozy and peaceful. You must love going into that room and feeling her closeness. The Rudbeckias are perennials. They reseed easily, move easily and what a splash of color they give! I love them!

  13. Soo sweet Marydon..
    Your Momma would be so happy to know you are not only cherishing her memory,but keeping it alive.. This is such a tribute to your sweet Momma, and you can tell she is loved !!
    Blessings and love,

  14. Oh what precious memories, Marydon....your mother had the sweetest room. I adore that teacup holder chandelier...and those bunnies. What sweet, sweet gifts. :)

  15. Marydon, your Mother's room is so precious. I love the vintage cottage feel of your wonderful room. The teacup chandelier is gorgeous!

  16. How very sweet Marydon. Thanks for sharing such sweet memories.

  17. That is a cozy, and pretty room.
    Thanks for the tour. I'm sure your mom loved it.

  18. Lovely story with the memories of the items in your mother's room! I love the teacup chandelier! Very beautiful!

  19. This has to be one of the sweetest posts ever and what a loving way to remember your mother. I bet she was loved by many people.

  20. What a special room. Not only is it so pretty, but it looks like it is filled with love. What a lovely way to keep memories of your Mother close.
    I have a bedroom set from my Fathers homestead in Montana. I lost him on the 11th of this month, & looking in the bedroom with his furniture brings me comfort.
    Thanks, for letting us take a peek.

  21. Your Mother's room is beautiful and I think it's just as beautiful of you to preserve her memory with all of her beautiful things.
    That chandelier is so unique, I've never seen one like that before!
    It's such a peaceful and pretty room, thanks for sharing a part of her with us!
    everything vintage

  22. How wonderful to have gathered so many of your Mother's things together -- what lovely memories they hold. I love old things, but I especially love the ones that have meaning for us -- the ones previously owned by the people we have loved and lost.

    thanks for a charming post,

  23. What a beautiful room full of memories!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. What a sweet room, full of sentimentality and family memories. I think it's so wonderful when you can have an elder parent live with you when possible. What a blessing!

  25. A lovely room indeed. I'm sure she loved every minute she was in it. The coverlet is so pretty.

  26. What a lovely room filled with beautiful memories .

  27. Beautiful post today. What a lovely way to preserve your memories..I especially love the chandelier. Thanks for sharing this beautiful room.

  28. Oh what a gorgeous room. It looks like something out of a magazine. You obviously have an excellent eye for design Marydon. What a wonderful tribute to her to keep it like that. I love that bed, it's fabulous and the quilt and the rabbits, oh, so much lovely stuff! I've never seen anything like the teacup chandalier. Amazing.

  29. Hi marydon, Your mothers room is such a wonderful memory keeper...the bed is gorgeous and so is the chandelier...Very thoughtful to keep it as she left it...it must make you feel very comforted... I wish I would have been able to do that when my grandmother passed...Hugs, Jennifer

  30. What a sweet memorial...I know it must comfort you to see and touch these things.

  31. Such a pretty room, Marydon. The old bed and the teacup chandelier are really precious. What fun you must have had putting the room together for your mom and I bet she just loved it! Carol

  32. Oh I did enjoy the wonderful visit, Marydon. It's very touching with all of the special reminders of your dear Mom. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  33. She sounds lovely, and what a gorgeous room. The teacup chandelier is beautiful.

    Marydon, thank you for your extremely kind words today, and for your compassion. This was a hard post to write, I think there will always be so much we would love to say to her. But she doesn't understand.

    I am putting the card into the line later on today, so if you went to the site it would not be there yet.


  34. I love the teacup chandelier. It's nice to have such sweet memories.

  35. Good Morning Marydon!
    Please stop by this morning and read my post. I think you will love it. I think of you when I write, as you always say I have such talent. I don't see that, I just write from my heart. Thanks Marydon, my friend. Country Hugs, Sherry

  36. The room evokes comfort & love... Thank you for a peek at a very private part of your life!

  37. What a lovely room. So many wonderful memories for you there. Thank you for sharing some of you Mothers thing's. Take care and have a great day...Kathi

  38. Thanks for the visit and I enjoyed mine very much. It is a loving tribute to your mother. She sounds so very talented and weell loved in her life.
    I love her name! If you click on Home Sweet Hideaway on my sidebar,which is my daughter's blog you will see our own precious 'Maggie' just 17 months old. I hope she too becomes a lovely lady like your mother did!

    ~♥ BETH

  39. Hi Marydon...I love everything about your Mother's bedroom....it's just so inviting and cozy. I enjoyed seeing all her sweet treasures, wonderful keepsakes that always keep her close.

    I didn't know you collect
    silhouettes...me too. These are precious.

    Hope you are having a happy day.... hugs, Linda

  40. Hi Marydon,
    Perfectly lovely and so sweet!.All your love shows in this wonderful room you have dedicated to your Mom.
    Enjoy your day,

  41. Very nice and cozy. I love the coverlet. Thank you for sharing.

  42. Your Mother had such a beautiful room. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  43. How lovely, Marydon. Such a loving tribute to your mother. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Blessings, Barb

  44. Hi Marydon,
    Thanks for stopping by. I checked th plates and they only say "not for food use, decorative only" on the back, along with made in China. I bought them years ago at Mervyn's, which has closed here in CA. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  45. What a lovely, lovely room. I enjoyed reading about each special piece.


  46. What a lovely tribute to your mom and the room is gorgeous. Everything is just so pretty!

  47. Hi Sweet Marydon...

    I know how hard it is to lose your mom...it sure leaves a big 'ol hole, doesn't it? What a lovely room....filled with memories and special "mom" things. I so wish I had a room like that...My Mum only stayed a few days here and there, so it was just the guest room/den...It's just not the same. I do have quite a few of her things though that give me comfort.

    Hugs to you dear gal!

  48. What a beautiful precious memory room. Thank you for your sweet comments about Melody. Please drop by and read about our final gifts. xo rachel

  49. i love that quilt and the smaller one on the little table.your mom looked so sweet and dainty.so many memories...ann

  50. I know I am #51, but I just had to comment and say, what sweet photos and beautiful things you have from your mother. Priceless! I can just tell you were a wonderful daughter.

  51. Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and what beautiful pictures you posted.
    Have a great day

  52. You are so lucky to have such sweet treasures from your mom. Thanks for sharing!