Thursday, July 16, 2009

~ My Son, A Blessing of Love ~

Emery, my blessed son, you came into this world surrounded by deep love & joy. Our first child, a son. Oh, were we ecstatic … dancing on clouds & thankful for our little bundle from Heaven.

You were so precious, sweet & tender … your teeny fingers grasped my hand … my heart leaped bounds from your gentle touch. A son, MY son! … forever to love & hold close to my heart. Sweet love filled me beyond words … a tear spilled, I was so blessed.

You carry on lineage names after your great-grandfather & grandfather & father.

Your Father was in Alaska with the USN. He was so overjoyed when he got the phone call. His excitement was beyond description, it would melt your heart.

Six weeks later your Father arrived in the wee hours of the morning from Alaska, being transferred once again. As your Father came thru that front door in the wee morn at Mother’s, I stirred, to his gentle kiss. Then your Father bent on his knees in front of the rocking cradle you were safely nestled in, gently touching you with a sweet caress on your cheek … ‘my son’, he said emotionally. Such pride there was in his moment of Fatherhood.

Over the years you accomplished & challenged much, meandered in & out of growing thru the years. You were one heck of a short stop & won the All Star in baseball. Your interests in science were intriguing. Remember making all those plaster mountains & blowing them up with your salt petre compounds? Musically you did well in all the instruments you played but never wanted to be a ‘rock star’. I’ll never forget the first time on Sunday morn I came up & saw you in your pj’s reading the Sunday newspaper … I said, ‘what are you doing?, Emery’. You looked up as if I was in a fog & replied, ‘reading the paper’.

When given the option of working, college or USN … off you went, another new stepping stone into the world with the USN. I remember at boot camp graduation how we scoured the crowds to find you & as I tapped on this guys shoulder I said, ‘do you know Emery Ford?’ Looking straight into my eyes ‘it’s me, Mom’. WOW! No massive bushy curly hair (head shaved), no stylish glasses (bold big black rims) … I didn’t even recognize you. I drank in the ‘new’ you. My son, a sailor, just like his Father. This was one emotional day for your Father & I.

You certainly gave the USN a good run … graduating in the top of your schooling at DLI (Defense Language Institute) & the other schools you attended. But who would have EVER thought you’d go into languages, particularly Korean. You seemed to enjoy your Korean tour.

When you got out of the USN, we offered college to you over another 5 or 6 years … but you enjoyed your jobs & travels instead. Finally, you were given one last offer for college as your Father was changing finances for retirement. You stood firm ‘no’. So Dad changed his paperwork.

Two weeks later we had a surprise phone call from you … remember this? ‘Hello’. ‘Hi, Mom’. (Amenities here) So what’s up, Emery?, I asked. He replied, ‘I quit my job’. ‘YOU DID WHAT!!’, I said. ‘I’m going to college’, he shared. Whoa, Nelly!! Well, we got things all settled, you went to college.

Languages & foreign history were your majors with lots of little minors. You LIKED college so well that our next phrase became ‘Emery, when are you ever going to graduate as Dad wants to retire one day (joke, chuckle!)’. Well, after nearly 8 years you finally decided to graduate with several degrees. Graduation day we celebrated with deep pride.

You met a wonderful woman in college, our beloved Cathelene (french pronunciation please) & they dated for a couple of years. Bless this wonderful lady … they got married a couple years later, a union of great joy to become part of our lives. We are soooo very blessed with her presence in our family.

Cathelene is from Haiti. She is an Electronics Engineer. Cat has brought us great joy & pride … she has given Emery great love as a wife, partner & mother … presenting him with two beautiful children, Ansel Emery & Tatiana Isabelle.

And look at you now, son … running marathons, doing well in your job & one excellent Father & husband. It is with great pride, emotion & deep love that you are such a blessing & super son. God was good when he chose you for us … we are in deep gratitude.

July 12th ~ Happy Anniversary Emery & Cathelene
July 19th ~ Happy birthday, son
July 28th ~ Happy birthday, Cathelene
Thank you for all the wonderful joy & blessings you both give us every single days of our lives. We love you all very deeply.

Photos ~ Mother Naomi, Harold, Emery (3 generations ~ the day your Father met you)
Photos ~ Emery ae 3
Photos ~ Emery ae 18


  1. Marydon, what a great tribute to your son. It does indeed sound like you were blessed with him. Happy birthday to Emery and his beautiful wife and happy anniversary to them as well. You have a wonderful way with words. Winona

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your son. I hope he reads it! He must know how proud you are of him. Happy anniversary and birthdays all around!

  3. What a beautiful story. Thank you so very much for sharing a piece of your life with us. Have a beautiful day..Kathi

  4. Lovely written post.
    Children are a blessing from the Lord. Amen.

  5. OMGoodness, that part where your husband came home from Alaska and kneeled down by the cradle and said, "my son" just brought tears to my eyes! It's so sweet! :)

  6. Hi Marydon,
    Very sweet post of your dear Son.. There is something in those boys of ours.. I still can't call my 23 yr. old "man" yet.. He's still my baby boy !! Does this ever change !! Have a wonderful day !!
    hugs ~tea~

  7. My son is 14, and I feel the same - he will always be my little boy. Your son is blessed as well to have a mother like you. And you seem like you are a wonderful mother-in-law as well.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your son... Brought tears...
    My son will 40 in January & he is still my baby boy!!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your son. I appreciate very much his service with the USN. I enjoyed this posting. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. July is truly a wonderful month of celebrations at your household! Happy birthday to Emery and Cathelene, and happy anniversary to them as well! Beautiful family they have, much blessings I'm sure

    wonderful tribute to your son too!


  11. What a wonderful post. So many beautiful celebrations in July for you. Have a joyful day.
    I love your comeents on my blog.
    They hoenestly make me smile.

  12. Hi Marydon, what a beautiful family, I love the tribute you wrote....very nice post! Hugs, Jennifer

  13. What a lovely post and tribute to your sweet have much to be proud of and blessed with a wonderful son and family...hugs, Linda

    p.s. Cathelene and I share the same birthday.

  14. I stopped by from Muddybootdreams...this is a lovely post!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your son and his beautiful family.
    xxoo, Susan

  16. Hi Marydon! Oh, what a lovely tribute to your son. His family is so lovely! Our children are indeed blessings!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. What a beautiful, truly beautiful post about your wonderful family. Thank you for sharing it with us. I feel your pride, and understand completely. You deserve to feel such love and pride.

    I'm saving you a seat next time we sisters go out for lunch, we did have a ball.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my memories of Mom. Truly appreciated.

    I know what you mean about The Thomas Train, Jake enjoys it all so much; it is a shame it wasn't around before.

    I'm adding you to my blog log, so I can find my way back and forth to your beauitiful blog easily.


  18. Marydon {i love your name, i had never heard it before}, what a beautiful post and tribute to your is obvious you are so full of love and pride for him and his life...his wife is just lovely...and his children look so precious and sweet...thanks for popping over to visit with me!!!

  19. What a nice blog. You have a lovely family and what nice things to say about your son. I can certainly relate.

    You my dear are my 100th follower and for that I have a gift for you. Please email me at:

  20. What a lovely post to your son and a beautiful story.

  21. What a loving tribute to your son and his family. This is a big month for all of you.

  22. I am drowning in tearful joys...I mean joyful tears. ;-) What beautiful words from the heart of a true Mom! Love it!

    Happy Birthday to Emery and Cathelene!

    Happy memories to you, Marydon!

  23. Happy Birthday to Emery! A son is such a wonderful gift to have - what a wonderful family you have.

  24. You are SO blessed, and your gratitude is obvious! How wonderful is your life right now!?

  25. You are indeed blessed...what a lovely family! Beautiful post! Susan

  26. What a loving tribute to your son!
    Happy Birthday Wishes to him!

  27. I can see July is a very special month for your family.

  28. What sweet memories! Your son sounds very nice! Happy Birthday to him!

  29. What a beautiful triblute from a proud and loving mother..;p

  30. Awe Marydon...this is one of the most beautiful posts about a child I have ever read. Your love and pride for him just flowed through your finger tips when you wrote this post! Beautiful.
    You have EVERY right to be a proud Momma...go celebrate!!!!!
    everything vintage

  31. Children are a gift from the Lord.

  32. Oh Marydon, What a wonderful tribute to your son. Aren't kids just the best gift ever? Without them we wouldn't have our wonderful grands. Thanks for sharing with me this morning. I love to come here. I always feel like I am coming home. Have a wonderful day. Country Hugs, Sherry

  33. Thank you for visiting my page and I love yours. This is such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful son and his wife. Many blessings to you and yours.

  34. I just read this touching tribute. You must be so very proud of your son and his beautiful little family. All my best wishes to you.


  35. What a wonderful post and a wonderful family.

  36. Marydon, I don't know what happened to the comment I made yesterday ??!?! I can't remember exactly what I wrote, but I thought this was such a special tribute to your dear son. I know you are proud of him, and grateful to have him.

  37. I forgot to add that Emery is a family name of ours also, my brother, grand-father, etc..all Emerys..;p

  38. I am so late in posting but must comment on your beautiful tribut to your son. What a wonderful loving mom you are to a wonderful son. His family, your family - DIL,son, and grandchildren are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Everyone - Thanks for the kind wishes!!

    I'm blessed to have such loving and caring parents.


  40. Hi Marydon,
    What a lovely post, and what a lucky son to have you love him so much. He has a beautiful family.

  41. I hung on every word as I read to the end of your tribute to your son and his family. Thanks for sharing your love story.

  42. Oh Marydon,what a beautiful and touching tribute to your beloved son.
    Many blessings to you and your sweet family!