Sunday, June 28, 2009

~~ WE ARE DONE (Civil War Office & History)~~

IF I EVER!!! see another spindle to hand paint ... 18 of those little stinkers. THEN the light bulb went off ... SPRAY PAINT! I couldn't get to the paint store fast enough. Well, okay, so the upper terrace has a light white mist all over it ... it'll wear off eventually. That is one rough job, those spindles!

By the time I started painting the office walls, as you can see, I looked terrible & was whipped. This basement project was grueling & huge. The feedsack area is all neat & reorganized, the children's play area they love ... now to sort out the genealogy paperwork area, maybe this winter .....

The bar area is painted a Civil War grey (the surrounding walls are all white & the carpeting is serpentine blue (I am a Yankee)) where we have with honor placed Harold's gr-g'pas cane that he carried during the Civil War; it is dead center. G'pa Green was the minister serving General Lee at the surrender at Appomatox. The cane to the left is my G'pa Bob's, the cane to the right is our Joshua's that he played with as a little fella.

Then we enter Harold's office. We had a great time rearranging all his furniture, Civil War art & collections; we still have more to place. He is happy with the new setting, it is fresh & updated & masculine. This is HIS comfortable room.

The last photo is of Harold's gr-g'pa Rev. John Ransom Green who fought in the Civil War, with his wife Ophelia Catherine Murdock Green. This is one of our pride & joys.

Rev. Green served in the Civil War at around age 22, so despite his photo looking old, he was much younger than appeared. He was wounded & captured at Gettysburg ... then exchanged in Aug. 1863 at Richmond, VA. After the Civil War he returned to Dirt Town, GA, before moving on to Ft. Smith, AK. & later to TX. Eventually he took his family to OK where they settled. He served in a pretty bloody part of the Civil War.

According to history, the apple tree that the troops stood under during the surrender to the north was literally picked down to mere tooth picks of wood. We are not sure, nor will ever know tho tales say it is, if this cane that gr-g'pa Green carried in the Civil War is truly a part of the tree or not, that he stood under ... but this cane is a beautifully hand worked piece of wood that we treasure. (May he rest in peace & know he fought valiantly for the cause).


  1. This looks great. I love reading American history and especially enjoyed reading about gr-gpa Green.

  2. It does look great, wow! That is a lot of great history. Maybe today you can relax a little bit after all that spindle painting!!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. How very interesting and what priceless treasures you have. I'm with you about painting those spindles!!!

  4. This is all VERY fascinating! Thanks for sharing it with us in words AND pictures.

  5. Interesting! Nice shade of grey, I love it.

  6. It's lovely to hear a story behind a picture(or photo in this case).Very enjoyable and fascinating to learn new things.

  7. Oh girl my body is aching just thinking about the work that was done BUT it does look fantastic. I love the Civil War memorabilia. I am currently reading "A Team of Rivals". It is about Lincoln and how he got elected and how he shaped his administration. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A few weeks from now all of the hard work will be a distant memory (I hope).
    xxoo, Susan

  8. My husband is a big civil war buff, congrats on finishing... the photos look great! What a lot of work! You need some special YOU time now! xoxo~Kathy~ Up-North

  9. What a fabulous redo. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. A little paint can make a huge difference. Feels good when it's done, doesn't it?

  11. Your hardwork painting has paid off and looks so nice! You've done well. And truthfully, you don't look so bad, in fact you look pretty good while painting.

    I hope my attempts to freshening up our old house has a good outcome.

    Glad to visit your blog today.
    Summer Blessings,

  12. Wow, Marydon....what a HUGE project. Isn't it so rewarding to have it finished? I'm painting the den this year and have been putting it off...oh how I hate to start. Good for you for "gettin' going"....Love the finished product.

    Bless you!

  13. Wow, great job on the room...I love civil war history. I love that era too. Okay, not the civil war itself, just the time period. :)

  14. WOW! Yes quite a job!!! Looks great though!!! I need to tackle my 'studio' it also has paneling..ugh. One day!
    Loads of history here as and other wise.

  15. Painting spindles is such a big job! Feels good when it's done though, eh? Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful week.


  16. This re-do was huge and it looks wonderful, all your hard work was rewarded. I clicked on each picture and I love your wall of Civil War art and the picture of his gr-g'n pa is a true treasure, especially with the flag...Harold will enjoy many happy hours in his comfortable room...hugs, Linda

  17. Hi Marydon :)

    What an interesting history! His room looks wonderful :)

    Thank you for your very sweet comment about Shiloh and about the issues that have been going on.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!


  18. A job that is quite rewarding to look BACK on. You have made your own little history in the redo.
    Wonderful story and heritage.

    I just picked up a Civil War An Illustrated History book (Scholastic) at the thrift store yesterday and started reading this morning on the deck with my morning coffee.

    Enjoy the fruit of your labor,

  19. wow, what a fantastic job you have done. You have some marvellous Civil War memorobilia too, those wonderful pictures. And the cane, of course. Fantastic stories and a great blog post. Love it.

  20. Oh it feels so good to finish a project like yours. It takes so much energy but now you can enjoy. I love the family history. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Marydon!
    Oh I am so thrilled you stopped by and commented on my bowls. I just loved them when I saw them, and I have lots that I use all over my house. I keep one by my sink (a small one) that I keep my scrubber and soap in. I have a smaller one that is like a flag, and I am going to put silverware out in it for the 4th. So many uses, and so colorful and fun. I loved your History lesson. That is one subject I have always loved. I hope you don't mind, I signed up as a Follower, I really enjoy your BLOG. I would be so honored if you signed up for mine also. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  22. What a great story...I love the Civil
    War and all the amazing stories!!! Looks like a very productive weekend and you got a lot done.

  23. Good idea with the spray paint. If I did those spindles by hand I'd be all year, I paint so slow. Such great family history. Love it!

  24. What a memorable family history you have! I don't even know if any of my family served in the Civil War, it would be very interesting to find out. Your remake looks great. i know paneling can be a pain in the behind to paint. I've done it on more than one occasion. Your efforts definitely paid off!

  25. Hi..and many thanks for stopping by my place. I hope you'll come back soon.
    Your room is really nice. Lots of treasures there.
    I hate to paint and seem to be doing it all the TIME!! Spray paint is my best friend! :)

  26. That was so interesting! What a great post!

  27. What a good job you did!!! Beautiful archives and such interesting stories!
    Margaret B

  28. Marydon, it looks great. You have done a wonderful job.

    Happy July 4th.

    Blessings, Barb

  29. Marydon, Your room looks fabulous!! I love your antiquities and the wonderful stories that go with them! What a pleasure it was to read your post, and what a nice, nice job you both did. Well done friend!
    Blessings for a restful week!!