Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~~Front Porch Cup of Tea With Thee ~~

Our wonderful cool serene mornings & crisp summer eves, bring us to many breakfasts & special moments to this warm spot on our front porch. It is so peaceful to just enjoy the birds flitting about singing merrily or splashing around in the bird bath, & being surrounded by our array of flowers. Sometimes I just sit & chat with God ... Other days I can hear our neighbor boy, who has a serious medical condition, singing praises to God on his back deck ...

Our flowers are coming along but oh! how the massive amounts of rain fall & lack of sunshine hindered the usual growth ... they are snapping out of the 'funk' now. The yards were like walking on sponges for about 2 1/2 mns. which is very unusual for our region during that period of time.

Another gal blogger on facebook shared her 'test' ... I had to take it for giggles & grins ... found it so accurate ... here are my results.
You are a very wholesome person dedicated to your morals, values, and reputation. You have strong convictions and stand by them. More than likely, you have conservative political beliefs and ideologies. Building solid family and friend relationships is important to you. You like traditional roles of men and women and find it your natural tendency to fall into those roles. You enjoy the latest music, movies, and other recreational fun with your friends and family alike. Although conservative in nature, you also like to be up on the latest and greatest. You are a classic American, who is hard-working and a quality friend to have...


  1. Congratulations on being a classic American!


  2. Your front porch sounds like a delightful place. I once had a little neighbor girl who would sing hymns all day while outside playing; such a beautiful, joyful sound!

  3. What a pretty spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We are having a really cool day here in Michigan after being kind of hot last week. It's so much better weatherwise here, though, than Kansas, Illinois, etc., where we lived before. I'm a cool weather girl! Enjoy! And thank you for commenting on my blog - I enjoy reading the comments. :-) Carol

  4. Love your Front Porch. A front porch was a must have when we were house hunting.

    Somehow I thought you were a 50's gal :) I didn't take the test but I am almost certain I am right there with you. Great minds think alike :)
    xxo, Susan

    Our porches are some what similar and I too love to set out there early in the morning and listen to the birds. I can tell whose dog is barking, I know the people who walk of a morning and the people who walk of an evening...and you know the strangers...and the speeders who do not give one second thought to a child who could run out in the street.
    Angel hugs

  6. In our old house the birds woke me every morning to their lovely tune! I wish I could be a 50's girlie! Seems to suite you well.

  7. What a pretty setting for your early morning breakfast!

  8. I grew up with a front porch and had to have one in my home. It doesn't get used as much as it should!

  9. Sounds like such a delightful breakfast spot. Love to hear the birds singing in the mornings.

  10. I love front porches...here we call them Verandah's...Julia ♥

  11. Hi Marydon, I saw today that you became a follower of my blog! Thanks...very sweet of you!

    Sounds like a lovely way to begin your day, and a lovely spot!
    Have a joyful week!

  12. Your front porch looks so inviting and cozy!!! I bet you love sitting out there on a cool morning, I sit on the back patio in the mornings (because I'm up before the chickens and in my jammies) and the front porch in the evenings, watching all the kiddos playing. :) Hope you're having a wonderful evening.
    ♥ Teresa

  13. Hello Marydon! I have been awol for several weeks. It's great to come back and read such an inspiring post. I love porches and being outdoors. I am outside as much as I possibly can. I will be sharing photos of my favorite spot soon.

  14. A lovely place to sit and plan your day. I love our front porch, pergola really. I love to watch the traffic pass on the highway and wonder where they are all going. Love to sit and listen to the birds singing in the garden.

  15. Hi MarydonWhat a sweet front porch, I love sitting on mine and watching the day go by and listening to the birds or watching them.....very nice post...hugs, Jennifer

  16. I love my front porch it is covered, but not so private. I enjoy the back we call it a deck.. I has always been blazing hot until this summer. I put the canopy/awning I bought for Farm Chicks out there and made a room of sorts. When I get it just right I will take a picture and do a post.
    I do have a hard time sitting for very long though, there is always so much more I "think" I need to do...
    Glad you are enjoying yours!

  17. Girl after my own heart. I also love to sit in the morning on my back deck and have my coffee and watch the birds and flowers. We have had so much rain, though, that I haven't been able to even go out there. I miss it. I would also be a 1950's girl. It was a much more family oriented time, wasn't it?

  18. Luckily we had a beautiful Spring. Your front porch looks cozy, how sweet that you have a neighbor to serenade you on Summer nights! I've also taken some of those quizzes and they're lots of fun!

  19. Yes..I saw the test and didn't take it. :) I guess I just didn't want to know. Ah well...I usually end up taking them because my curiosity kills me to know.
    Love and smiles~

  20. Hello Dear Sweet Friend, I so enjoyed you telling of sitting on your porch, I too enjoy the same great blessing of being able to commune with our Maker and enjoy fellowship with Him.
    I can already tell you I am a 50's woman I am everything you described in the profile. I am also proud to say that I am aren't you. Thank you for sharing.

    I have not done a lot of blogging lately because of having so much gardening to do, and to top it off I was dealing with some health situations last week , and just was not up to blogging , so i gave in and went to see my doctor and am happy to say that I am doing so much better, and am enjoying visiting again. though nothing serious.
    I want to wish you a most blessed 4th of July weekend as you celebrate with your family and friends.

  21. I, too, am a 1950s gal. Fun test. Have a great week.

  22. Your front porch is so pretty...a most inviting spot, wonderful place to relax and just watch the world go by.
    You are a perfect 50's girls...I haven's taken the quiz yet, but I think I might be one too...hugs, Linda

  23. Thank you for sharing you front porch. Can I come sit awhile with you. Also thank you for stopping by The Romatic Porch and leaving such sweet comments about my porch.

  24. Good Morning Marydon!
    Thanks for stopping by and I am so thrilled that you liked my decorations. Today I am starting on the backyard. It will take me today and tomorrow to get finished. I am the yard man also, so I have mowing and edging to do before I start decorating and placing things where I want them. I love holidays. I loved your Post today. The story about Eddie R. was such a wonderful story, the true circle of life isn't it. Thank you for sharing that, as I will remember it always. I love tea, so that porch is the perfect spot to share a cup. I wish I could stop by. My sister Debbie @ There's An Angel On My Frontporch has a porch quite similar to yours. Stop by again soon and see what the 4th brings. "Country Hugs", Sherry