Friday, June 5, 2009

~ Precious Memories, Daughter ~

My daughter, Caroline Leighanne ~~

Once upon a time in a far off romantic land (Hawaii) as the sun drenched morn rose, a wonderful blessed event occurred on June 5, 1964. It was an absolute surprise that this little teeny tiny precious life came to birth so early. I cried with deep joy & finality. This soft pink bundle was so delicate & all mine … I wanted to jump up & down & scream to the world … I finally have a daughter, my future best friend forever. A soft wisp of light blonde/brown hair, itsy bitsy fingers, willowy arms & legs, those delicate blue eyes … I couldn’t hold that darling close enough. Cloud 9 doesn’t even begin to describe my inner bursting emotions … it was wonderful, I finally have a daughter.

That first gentle touch, that warm precious first hug, your first tear, when you got that first tooth, how playing patty cake delighted you, peek-a-boo was filled with laughter, when you said 'MaMa', the little ouchie that crushed you, the wobbly first steps, when your shadow scared you ... what a heart filled first year.

I love the first picture of you & your brothers on your first birthday. You in your Buffy outfit on 5th birthday & hair style ... & the 7th birthday with so few teeth in front & your Cher pig tails.

And, then you grew up. Those in between years were filled with precious love, gentle moments together, a bond that was forever. You were a tom-girl with your 2 brothers as a big influence … sports were your fav ... remember when you were bat girl for that men's baseball team ... you were ecstatic. As you blossomed forth into life you became a very strong individual, full of spunk & verve, yet very soft inwardly. Remember when you did modeling? ... then when you were 14 you got the asst. mgr. job at A&W? My pride was front up with your meeting every step & challenge in life, head on. Embedded in each child ‘never say never, you can do anything you want in life, don’t let anything stop you from doing what you wish’, I said over & over.

We were inseparable 900% … such fun we had.

I remember how I would lie on the couch & you would snuggle close to my chest, the eldest son would lie on my upper side & the second son would lie in the space behind my folded legs … we four would cuddle & watch TV. The many days of long story hours, game playing, shopping, looking for bugs, the baking cookies, playing baseball … those little moments are chiseled forever close to my heart & in my soul. The cold snowy winters we sled down the hill, built snowmen & forts … the spring warm days of planting seeds in the garden & your glee with the growth … the hot summer days of swimming pool fun … the autumn raking of leaves as you tossed them with laughter echoing … That first date, the first job, the first love, the first motorcycle ride … oh, how I can still recall those embedded moments capturing your delight …

For the moments of love & friendship that we shared, I am forever grateful. The love that grew is still as strong as from that first moment you entered this earth with a soft sweet cry … I am here! I still linger in memory that first caress, that first burst of love … & hold it dearly to my heart … forever.

May your birthday be blessed, thank you for the loving memories I treasure each day … you are so loved, daughter. Forever in love, Your Mother (& Father)


  1. This is the sweetest, heartfelt post. I know that it will bring tears to her eyes. I can just feel the love that you have for her and your other children. I hope that she has a very Happy Birthday!!!
    Lee Laurie

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours looks so lovely. I can't wait to look around. Have a great day!
    Xoxo GapGirl

  3. Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday and more precious memories for you two in the year ahead.

  4. How very touching! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  5. What a beautiful post. What a wonderful Mother you are. Happy birthday to you daughter.
    Have a great week end..Kathi

  6. Wishing your precious daughter a very Happy Birthday. She is blessed with a very special mother :-)


  7. Thanks for sharing with us such a loving and caring post. Your children are very lucky to have a mother like you. Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend, Esther

  8. Beautiful photos of your beautiful children, and beautiful post too!!! Happy Birthday Wishes to your daughter!! Love the photo of her in the yellow dress, what an adorable photo!!
    ♥ Teresa

  9. What a beautiful, wonderful way to say Happy Birthday to your daughter. I bet you had her in tears. The bond between a Mom and Daughter can be so special. My Mom is my best friend!

  10. Oh the love is bursting forth between the words. What a wonderful life! and memories. I will have to wait for my son to marry before I have a daughter. I pray for her often even though we know not who or where she is right now.

    Birthday blessings to you mom,

  11. What a lovely post and I adore the photos.

    The Raggedy Girl

  12. What a sweet memory of your children. Your daughter must have been a darling baby. Love all the photos - Natima

  13. Intrinsically lovely!

    Happy Birthday to her! :)

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!!
    What a lovely post!
    Thanks for always leaving me such nice comments.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Dear MD...what a beautiful, heartfelt post for your beloved daughter...

    Isn't God good? Isn't He faithful? He is amazing to bless us with children we can call FOREVER FRIENDS?

    My life changed the day my Adrie-Girl was born. She's been around when all others have left....



  16. Thank you for the sweet comment. I'm going through emotional times right now with a daughter getting married and a son graduating. You understand I'm sure.
    Love the pictures of your daughter. She's about a year younger than me!

  17. Dear Marydon,

    What a wonderful sweet old memories with your daughter. She must be very happy with her birthday present!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have A Nice Day!

    by Jenny Malaysia.

  18. Oh My. I am teary-eyed at your tribute to your daughter. How beautiful a relationship you have!
    Happy birthday to her and to your loving husband!