Sunday, May 31, 2009

Song Banned By Some Radio Stations ~ AWESOME A Must To Hear His Word
(I don't know how to make this link work except you can highlight it & then go play it, sorry!)

I hope you will listen to this deeply moving song that says 'it all'.

The group received an immediate resounding standing ovation, and continue to
do so every time they perform it!
Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered
'politically incorrect'.. Consequently, the song was never released to
the public.
So America , see what you think.. If this offering speaks to your heart
and you feel you want to share it with friends and loved ones, please


  1. Wonderful song! Thanks for posting that, it made my Sunday.

  2. Oh my. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a glorious and blessed Sunday.
    xxoo, Susan

  3. Oh goodness, I listened to it twice in a row. Then made my dh listen to it. What a great song. Thanks for posting about it. Winona

  4. That is amazing, and I used to listen to them, but have never heard it!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    ♥ Teresa

  5. Absolutely wonderful!!! These are amazing and frightening times in our world...amazing because we as believers have an opportunity like never befor to share our love of Christ and God's plan for our salvation and frightening because of the evil in this world that would TRY to silence us!!! Fortunately for us we know who wins the battle!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!! If you don't mind I am going to do a post about it too!!! Let's spread the word!!!

    I am sooo glad you became a follower of we can follow Him together!!!

    God bless you!!!

  6. I go...the side of Rebecca you rarely hear speak...

    I'm SICK of all the political correctness baloney. Everyone wants to know why things are going to the dogs? Why are so many kids turning to drugs and degrading behavior? Why are so many people killing themselves? Well, when you take God out of EVERYTHING what do you have left? Emptiness & heartache...simply put..."nothing to believe in!"

    Where are our voices? I heard the other day on the news that a woman displaying the American Flag in her office was forced to remove it because of complaints that it was offensive! WHAT? Her son is in the military and she wanted to honor him by showing her support. I wanted to be sick.

    I'm in tears over this and the fact I was never given a choice to hear this beautiful song on the airways... I this a FREE NATION or what? Turn off the radio if you don't want to hear it!

    In is OK for us to be blasted with the news of Britney WHAT'S-HER-NAME and that "Amy Song"... PA-LEESE!

    I suppose if Lee Greenwood was just now releasing GOD BLESS THE USA (instead of in the 80's) that would be banned, too!

    I'm sorry MD...just had to share my thoughts...

    Thank you for an inspiration it and you!


  7. You go, Rebecca!

    THANK YOU for being so honest & on top of this ... I'd have pretty much said verbatim, but didn't want to 'upset' those that have a political agenda with the other 'side'.

    I share your views 900% ... Yup! sick of Britney junk & many others ... Lee Greenwood would have been hung out to dry now with his wonderful song.

    That did happen in that woman's office, you mention ... shameful!

    Wait until you read the post I'm putting up in a couple days ... get ready to go off again, my friend. Don't settle down just yet .....

    I stand for my country, the blessed USA AND my Lord & God.

    THANK YOU, Rebecca.
    Hugs of appreciation ~

  8. Hello Marydon,
    WOW !!! Unbelievable, and nope, I have never heard this.. The bible tells us everything bad will be good, and what's good will be bad.. I never ever thought I would live to see, what I'm seeing and hearing.. It's almost as if I didn't hear all this garbage for myself, on the news and all.. I would never believe what is going on..It is all going in the wrong direction, GOD has been taken out of everything.. Just amazing to me.. If people could just see that, if we placed HIM into every aspect of our lives, we would be doing right.. Terrible, and it just breaks my heart.. What I do know tho, is God is real, He reigns whether we want to accept this or not, He is in total control, and I feel HIS presence in my life daily, or I would just crumble.. God is good and ever soo faithful.. It's in HIM and HIM alone, that we should place our faith, and hope.. YES.. God is still Good..Gosh, thanks for sharing with us all.. Blessings and love to you !! hugs ~tea~xo

  9. That is really beautiful and thank you for sharing. In order to embed an address: Copy the address, in you post highlight the word/words you want, like SONG and then hit the little silver and green button above your post. It is next to color choices. A little pop up will come up and you paste the address in there and like magic you have an embedded address that can be clicked on and will take your readers to the correct page. You can try it out yourself to make sure it works in the preview mode before you publish. Gosh I hope that made sense....smiles.

    The Raggedy Girl

  10. sometimes...thing astound, perplex and mystify me...

  11. If they had left out the divisive part about "there are some who want to drive him out" this wouldn't be all that controversial. But it is what it is, and as such, it comes across as promoting the US as a theocracy. IF you want that, go to Iran.