Sunday, May 10, 2009

*** He Loves Me ***

... he loves me not. This vintage FEEDSACK says it all ~ it is one of my very favorite. I remember as children how we were FOREVER picking daisies & saying this little diddy ... what fun we had daydreaming about 'forever' ...


  1. That is adorable!! I love it. The daisies are too cute!!
    Have a Happy Monday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. That is so sweet. I love fun fabrics because I quilt.

    The Raggedy Girl

  3. It is neautiful
    Thank you for the nice comments on my page.

  4. I surely do remember the "I love you; I love you not" with daisies and wondering what life would bring. Seems like yesterday! Love the feedsack, too!

  5. Oh I love this sweet fabric, MD! It reminds me soooo much of a dress my grandma made me when I was five.

    You end up finding the most amazing do you do it? I can't figure it out!

    Love to you....

    Rebecca PS: OK...I've tried by best to figure out (another one!) what TTFN means. Do share? I'm stumped