Saturday, May 9, 2009

***** Love Minus the White Stallion *****

Once upon a time the charm of a prince rescued this damsel, whisking her off to a new world.

They met on a Weds night at his Mom & Dad’s by accident … a couple hours later he leaned over & asked her to go to a Ham Radio Club meeting with him. She quickly replied ‘yes’. Shoot! at age 18 if you weren’t engaged or married, not much of a chance you were going to find that white stallion & get out of town. A week later on Friday he presented this gorgeous perfect ring … her heart is flying with excitement.

So, anyway, 4 weeks to the day later they got married because he didn’t want to wait for 4 months to come back & get married like she wanted to … as he had to report to the US Navy for his second tour of duty. He whisked her off to another world from her confined little city nestled amongst the valleys & mountains of WA ST.

Awed of the ‘new’ world she was viewing on their honeymoon to CA, the rushing waterfalls & trickling streams, breathtaking coastlines, the staturesque majestic redwoods, the ‘orange’ Golden Gate bridge & her new love.

They nestled into their life & new world in the $85 3-room apartment on a $200 a month military salary, the honeymoon continued, but reality settled in … it wasn’t an easy life, he was gone an awful lot & family was very, very far away.

Traveling far & wide, moving many times was a challenge, with 3 blessed little ones in 2 yrs., in tow. She loved being a Mother, he was busy going to every school the Navy offered … the children were her entire life. And, then a few years later another little prince arrived to only be with them for 3 ½ yrs.

The bumps & bruises of the loss of their son was a roller coaster no one should ever endure. You comfort one another, but it is hard to grieve together. Faith floundered, God was questioned, the craggy road was nearly insurmountable.

Eventually, they were able to meander down that lonesome, empty, sad path back to the castle, filling it with love together, once again. This period brought faith & trust in the Lord back into their lives, not to question ‘why’ but ‘I accept’.

They raised their 3 children with great pride in each, loving them without question, praying job done well & they would be stalwart adults. We are grateful for the blessings they have bestowed upon us … we have 3 beautiful loving g-children that are the loves of our lives. I never thought that we could love as much as our own children, but these 3 little ones are our great joys. Hubby says they are the reason we didn’t kill our kids. Chuckle.

Through thick & thin, with a quiet & inward deep faith, our life moved along, nothing spectacular, just common ordinary living.

Our love has been through many crooked roads & deep crevasses, we survived each. We are like water & oil, but they blend well. This boiling pot is filled with respect & deep love, we are good friends, we thank God for all He has done to assist us in the path we have traveled … we only hope we haven’t displeased Him in our sometimes less than perfect ways. Without Him, we’d be lost … we bow before Him as we know He will forgive when we err.

I thank my prince for rescuing me from that little town, the white stallion must still be at the Kentucky Derby.

Happy 48th! Love you, honey … Just, Me


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! and AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (you gave me goose bumps) Happy Happy Anniversary you love birds!!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. What a sweet story! And, after a four week courtship you're still together all these many years later. WOW! Good for you......Happy Anniversary.


  3. Hi Mary, such a lovely story!

    Thanks for visiting Bella Vista. It is great to meet you. Come back are always welcome.


  4. Oh Marydon, what a very sweet romantic story. You have been blest with a very faithful man in your life.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Thank you, Marydon, for sharing this awesome true story. You write beautifully! I feel honored to be invited to share these memories with you! Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Happy Anniversary! That was sweet. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Oh MD....I'm tearing up! I'm at #30 with my hubbs and I pray God allows us to see our 48th like your a your Knight! :)

    You blessed me with your words...truly you do. I'm off to grab tissue...

    Happy Anniversary...

    Love, Rebecca PS: Happy Mother's Day, too!

  8. Thank you for such an inspiring story! We have been married 27 years and together 30. High school sweethearts and we too have been through many ups and downs but trust in God and committment are what holds us together. Many young people need to hear these sotries and know it is possible to stay married and the rewards are precious. Happy Anniversary and blessings to your wonderful family!

  9. What a touching story! Happy anniversary to both of you.

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Pass the hankies.
    Bless U both!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I wish you many more years of happiness. Many!

  12. P.S. we have lots in common....lots..

  13. Oh my heart!!

    Just stopping by to wish you a
    Happy Mother's Day

    The Raggedy Girl

  14. What a beautiful story. Happy Anniversary! I love you both very much!