Friday, April 17, 2009

~~ Spring Drive in PA ~~

Today was such a gorgeous warm day we hopped in the car, went out to breakfast in an old town about 30 miles north of here to enjoy the country folks at this down-home restaurant. Then we began our meandering down the PA. countryside, for want of nothing better to do than to enjoy the breathtaking rebirth of our country & the picturesque land. The peaceful 'rushes' of the creeks, the birds melodies filling the air, the precious little fuzzy lambs soft baa-ing as they saunter by their mom's, the cats scurrying across the road to safety, the beautiful black Labrador soaking wet just out of the creek, the majestic horses wandering throughout the fields of luscious spring green ... the colorfully painted landscaping dressed by God. The serenity of our country's exquisite sites, I just wanted to share them with you ... on our peaceful, relaxing 100 mile journey.

Along the way we found a couple of antique spots to browse thru. Of course, my penchant for feedsacks beckoned me to the right places today ... they even 'bargained' for me which made it even more fun. Icing on the 'cake'.

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  1. Beautiful Post! So wish I could have been with you on your journey! I've never been to your State...maybe some day!

    Blessings to you friend.