Saturday, April 18, 2009

~~~ Happy Birthday Ansel ~~~

Our adorable, loving, sweet Ansel is 8 today. This is my favorite picture of his first birthday ... he went wild, fascinated with the bubbles we brought him.

The birth of Ansel was such a precious moment, our 2nd gr'baby. His kind gentle heart & giving love radiates, & exquisite etiquette is constant ... Ansel you are a very special boy that makes our hearts so proud.

Ansel is now into Lego Star Wars. He amazes us as we watch him play & create with the Legos. He knows every single part, figure & design by heart. The creativity within his mind shows all over his face as he plays with the Legos.

Thank you for bringing us such joys, Ansel. With love, Mimi & Poppy


  1. What an adorable picture, his face is so bright and cheerful. I just love his amazement at the bubbles!! What a cutie pie!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Marydon,
    What a beautiful grandson! (I know.... boys are handsome,lol). Everyone should keep their fascination with simple things like bubbles. Like, how does liquid turn into a floating orb? And if you look long enough the light will hit it just right and you'll see a little rainbow on the bubble wall, lol. I still LOVE bubbles, can you tell?
    I'm glad your news from the doctor was good news.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets