Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zipping Along ~ Once Around the Block & Back

This is our Joshua ... the other 'joy of our life', driving his Poppy (Harold) home. I got such a kick out of watching Joshua drive the car ... I am terrible with stick shifts & Joshua just took right to it. I love this car ... it is such fun on sunny days to zip around in it ... we love just taking off on a country road & going out to breakfast, the breeze whipping thru our hair, the sun warming us. What fun we have. Years ago this car was just sitting in a neighbors yard, deteriorating. A friend bought it, pushed it down into our driveway & later moved it to his home ... later when he decided to move he offered the car to us, & we snapped it up. Harold never could get a 'kink' out of it to run, so we towed it to our new home, & eventually sold it to our neighbor (his house in background). Our neighbor literally took the entire car apart, restored it, painted it & taunted me by driving it 'around the block' with his grandkids on nice days. One day as Harold was at Dulles Airport going west, I got the call that the car was FOR SALE! I told our neighbor to HOLD THAT CAR & finally reached Harold to tell him I had bought the car. We truly enjoy our fun times in this little 'bird'.


  1. Very nice car. It kind of looks like a studabaker hawk ?? I bet it's fun to drive..

  2. I enjoyed reading the history of that nice car.