Saturday, March 28, 2009

~~~ Cherry Blossom Time ~~~

One of the most beautiful sights in this nation is Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, DC. Taking a step back in time & the history of the Japanese offering in good will the cherry blossom trees in the early 1900s, our nation continues to be dressed in dancing cherry blossoms of gorgeous pink for a little over a week ... to then be drenched in drifting 'snows of pink' at the end of there reign.

I am a collector of vintage silhouettes, having about 600 of my 800 left. At one time they all dressed our walls in the TV/office room. I thought I'd share this one, as it reflects the beauty of spring & blossom time, with the romance of the south.


  1. Thanks for dropping in at my blog! Cherry blossom is so pretty - we have two big pink flowering cherries out front in addition to the white one & they are so beautiful now.

    I love the feedsack fabrics - how fabulous that you could get flour & sugar in them!

  2. it is beauiful. i think japanese designs are incredibly details and colorful. they brighten up any area.