Sunday, March 29, 2009

~~~ Blue, Blue Monday ~~~

I thought it would be fun to brighten up 'Blue Monday' with a spot of tea in a gorgeous blue chintz English tea pot, accompanied by a darling blue floral English creamer & a hand created Tea Book (the book was designed by my friend, Ann Williams). Monday has always been designated as 'blue' because one would have to back to work ... it is also the highest stress day medically after a serene weekend. So what better way to alleviate the negative, to begin a wonderful spring day. C'mon over for a spot of tea & chat ......


  1. Lovely site and store, Tracey @ozcountry

  2. the post is sooo true. mondays can be "blue". But your tea post is "beautiful blue". And as you know from reading earlier posts of mine, I do love teapots, and cups and saucers. Blessings from Florida.