Saturday, February 6, 2010

~ You Are Cordially Invited, Ladies ... ~

We are gathering our lady friends in April for a 'wee chat & bit of lunch' & meet one another.

A special lady, Sherry (, will be visiting Maryland. (If you haven't visited her blog, please do so, it is frolicking fantasy fun!)

If you are in the arena of Frederick/Baltimore, MD, region (or NY, OH, DE, WV, VA, PA, etc.) & would like to join us, please contact me at my email .....

More details as the date is closer.
Thank you & hope to hear from you all ~ Marydon


  1. I will be interesting in meeting if it's on a day I am not working. Plus, I am headed to the AQS in Paducah April 20-24th. Let me know when because I am not too far away. I am in Columbia. I will email you for the details! Thanks, Stephanie

  2. what a cute little photo on your post

  3. This gathering will be wonderful....if I were closer I'd love to join in...hugs, Linda

  4. Sounds great but I will have to pass.... Hope you all have a wonderful time!!

  5. I would love to meet you all. It would be so much fun. Just love that Sherry.
    What part of Maryland?


  6. If I'm available on the day you choose I would really like to be included. Just let me know when and where.
    Warmest Regards,

  7. Thanks for the invite. I will be there in spirit. I wish you ladies a lovely gathering - Hugs Nat

  8. Hope to see you at I have some art of mine there on todays post
    at I have some lovely flowers with poetry.

    Gosh...what fun you all are going to have...make sure you take loads of pictures!!

  9. Hi Marydon...Thanks for your visit and for becoming a Follower....again! Who knows what Blogger is computin sometimes! Glad to have you visit Texas anytime. What a fun party ya'll are planning for Sherry's visit! It'll be lots of fun being a part of it via BlogLand. Everytime I see you pictures of FeedSacks, I vow to get out my colllection and post....I'm gonna do that verrrry sooooon!

  10. Hi Marydon,
    Your blog is always such a happy,
    sweet and fun place to visit.
    Have a happy Valentines day!


  11. Oh it sounds like great fun. I wish I could come too!

  12. I hope you have great fun meeting all your blogger friends. You have a lovely Blog.

  13. Oh what fun, Marydon! Don't forget to take pictures!

  14. Marydon, your blog is so beautiful, sweet and just a happy place to visit! I and my son Oliver have been fortunate enough to have found sweet Sherry's blog, what a doll!! We just adore her. We are up in NJ but would love to visit in April if time permits.
    I also was wondering about the fish plates, I love them and have been trying to find more but I don't know enough about them, I would love to learn more about them if you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Happy Sunday

  15. Hello Marydon ~I wanted to stop by to reconnect. I've had a few absences from blogging and have lost touch with some of my friends that I miss sooo.
    It's wonderful how inspiring blog friends as yourself can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.
    I hope you can stop by so we can reacquaint ourselves. .

    Sweet wishes,

  16. Hi Marydon! That sounds like so much fun...I would have liked to meet you both but I live too far : ( hugs, Jennifer